How Do We Change Our Perspective of Success?

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Most people measure success in only one way. There’s a checklist society has created, and if you don’t conform to their idea of what success is then you’re automatically a failure. As a child, you go to elementary/middle school, then graduate high school and then enroll in college. The dream is that after you get through your schooling, you get a job and start a career. Sounds good, right?

There is a video that has been circulating the web for sometime by a young man that goes by the moniker Sulibreezy, describing his thoughts on success and education. Why do we measure success the way that we do? Do we go to school because we actually want to learn, or because it’s something that our parents expect? Is higher education really the only pathway to success?



It’s no secret that the American education system isn’t the best that it could be. I mean, think about the fact that we send our children to school for 13 years before college, yet somehow most high school students are extremely unprepared for any kind of real life situations. Not only that, after the afore mentioned 13 years of education, they need at least 4 more years of “higher education” to qualify for any kind of job that is financially sound enough to support a family without having to live paycheck to paycheck, or require some kind of government assistance.

I think most people miss the message of the video because he references people who have dropped out of college and been extremely successful in many different ways. The message isn’t that you need to drop out of school. The message is think about why you’re getting an education, and understand that there is a difference between education and schooling.



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