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Where the wisdom of many can be used to secure hope for the one.

Why Therapy Insider Exists

Therapy Insider is a powerful resource for parents of teens or young adults struggling to meet the complex challenges of our day. We are a passionate community of teachers, every day conquerors, and trained professionals; all committed to helping families faced with mental health concerns find the answers for which they are desperately searching.

We know the pain and frustration of caring for a loved one struggling with emotional issues, behavioral problems, or developmental vulnerabilities, and it is our goal to provide an atmosphere where people seeking help, and those offering solutions, can come together in an honest and transparent conversation—the kind of conversation that we believe can rekindle relationships, restore confidences and reform lives.

If you are a family in crisis looking for help, we have licensed professionals ready to assist you in your quest to find answers and "understand what is going on" with your child. As humans, we are complex creatures with a million variables that make up the way we tick; and what works well for some, is not necessarily the key to unlocking pain for others. But, we have seen the power of deliverance time and time again, and we know that if intervention occurs, whether large or small, good will generally prevail.

In the end, we all need therapy…we’re just developing a cool way to let everyone know that.

Partnering With Mental Health Counselors & Therapists

With a direct goal to assist families in crisis, we have built a platform that connects people in pain to the top mental health professionals, optimal treatment programs, boarding schools, and sober living facilities; all of which offer life-changing solutions. By partnering with Therapy Insider you will be one of the designated professionals or programs that our visitors will be reaching out to for help.

Our platform is seen by thousands of new and returning visitors every day. This will give your business a chance to rub shoulders with a host of people in your area looking for your expertise.

Why Join Therapy Insider?

At Therapy Insider we provide a 3-fold opportunity for therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health professionals, as well as treatment programs; looking to expand their presence online.

Marketing for mental health counselors

Local Listing Directory

For over 15 years now, we have provided direct access to countless viewers in the local area, who are searching the Internet for answers to the problems they face. With a long track record of providing rich organic SEO (search engine optimization) and proven marketing strategies for the mental and behavioral health industry, we have acquired the unique ability to drive national and local traffic to the door.

With the lowest membership costs in the industry, our directory listings are a vital resource for every professional or program looking to get found online. Our proprietary platform was built from the ground up with specific emphasis placed on years of data from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Your dedicated listing will act as a mini-website, giving you a professional looking profile page that will display all of your pertinent information in an updated, modern design. Visitors will be able to easily identify what type of treatment you specialize in, what type of insurance you work with, and a host of other important details that accurately describe who you are and why you are the right choice.

Platform for Article Publication

What better way to increase your online branding than creating powerful, professional articles that can be read by associates, researchers and more importantly potential clients. Our easy-to-use blogging platform lets you create dynamic articles that are then released onto our News Platform, to be be placed in front of millions of interested viewers.

You can then share these links with anyone you wish, giving verifiable proof as to who you are and what your business is all about.

Powerful Network for Referrals

Join our network of thousands of professionals around the world. With so much to learn, we have developed an internal communication platform to foster best practice conversations between Therapists, counselors, programs and services. Discuss subjects, refer contacts and share articles and publications, all in an effort to expand thinking and build better practices.

Want to be a contribute writer for Therapy Insider? Or blog on our website?

See our writers guidelines by sending us an email today (due to the volume of submissions, we may not be able to respond to all queries).