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Boarding Schools for Troubled Girls

boarding schools for girls


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Therapy Insider is a top-notch online resource for parents and families of troubled youth, offering parents preferred access to the most suitable boarding schools for girls; who may be battling alcohol dependence, video game addiction (gaming), and/or low self-esteem trials. Through our crisis intervention and therapeutic and restorative support, families can be restored and whole again.

Why do parents of troubled girls choose all-girls boarding schools to help their struggling teen?  Most of the time, the "trouble" these girls are dealing with has to do with boys.  

Therefore, when parents of troubled girls decide upon a boarding school that can help them overcome the disruptive elements of their lives, they usually gravitate toward placement in an "all-girls" school.  

At all girls boarding schools, there are fewer distractions and a more focused environment where therapeutic treatment can occur.

Therapy Insider's goal is to help align parents of troubled girls with the therapeutic resources necessary to help them return to healthy, functional living. Our job is to teach you how to turn your family’s crisis into an opportunity to work together to build a powerful, lifelong relationship with your daughter.

We help parents from every state find the perfect All Girls Boarding School for troubled girls. With our vast experience helping families in crisis, we can help you find the most affordable and effective treatment for your daughter.

All Girls Boarding Schools 

The presence of boys tends to change the dynamics of any boarding school, especially boarding schools dealing with recovery issues for troubled teen girls.

All girls boarding schools are therapeutic programs that provide academic instruction, academic restoration, and integrated therapy (experiential therapy integrated with individual, group, and family therapy) exclusively for girls.

Girls do well when they can be expressive, emotionally stable, and relational.  When you add the element of boys into the mix, all these advantages go out the door.  Without boys, struggling teen girls do better academically, and the therapeutic environment is more productive and meaningful.

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