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Boot Camp for Teens

boot camp for teens

Therapy Insider is a premier online resource for parents and families of troubled youth, giving parents preferred access to the most suitable boot camp for teens for teens; who may be struggling with substance abuse (including marijuana), behavioral or process addiction (gaming, porn), and/or anxiety disorder issues. Through our crisis intervention and restorative and therapeutic support, families can be restored and whole again. The question we get from thousands of parents of troubled teens is, "do boot camps work?" Our answer is varied, as it typically depends upon the unique circumstances of the family and the child.


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Instead of giving a prompt reply to the parent's questions about the effectiveness of boot camps, we usually ask a lot of questions first. For example, we ask, "What does the term 'work' mean to you?"

We may ask, "What is going on with your child, and what problems are you trying to solve?" But the real question that parents should be asking us is, "What is a boot camp and why should we consider using one?"

What Is Boot Camp?

A boot camp is modeled after military recruit training camps, and these programs are primarily based on shock incarceration and grounded on military techniques. Boot camps are also widely criticized for their lack of therapeutic treatment and lasting restoration in both children and teenagers.

Although there are some instances of improvement, the general consensus is that boot camps don't provide any lasting change in teens. According to NIH Consensus and State-of-the-Science Conference panel of health professionals, boot camps may make the problem worse rather than simply not working.

Such evidence, as there is, indicates that.. boot camps, and other get tough programs can provide an opportunity for delinquent youth to amplify negative effects on each other.

A Boot Camp for Troubled Teens Presents Tough Love

Watch a short video titled "tough love and a last chance to change," about a boot camp for troubled teens; and the realities of this environment used to remediate children.

In each section of our website, you will find in-depth articles, timely news reports, program reviews, parent testimonials, as well as detailed lists of therapeutic boarding schools and programs.

Our goal is to help parents quickly find the best therapeutic resources in the family's area. If a parent can't find what they are looking for on our website, we recommend calling and speaking with one of our Family Advocates. We will help you do the research and find the appropriate solution for your child.

Therapy Insider is a leading family advocacy and consulting organization, dedicating their help to the parents of at-risk adolescents who are seeking the optimal therapeutic program for their struggling teenager. Our quality family advocates are here to offer assistance to parents by calling today!

Boot Camps for Troubled Youth

The family advocates at Therapy Insider are professionals who have worked with thousands of parents and troubled teenagers. Essentially, we provide "parent coaching". We walk hand-in-hand with parents who are looking for immediate solutions to their child's crisis. Before making recommendations, we typically do an analysis and evaluation of the child and his or her home situation. In short, our primary goal is to help parents with research to find the best and most affordable option for the family.

boot camps for troubled youth

Typically, boot camps for troubled youth are usually short-term options, and use the military-style "boot camp" experience to "shock" troubled kids into shape. When a child is rebelling against authority, getting caught up in criminal behavior, the juvenile justice system (judges, district attorney, probation officers, etc.) might choose to send a rebellious teen to a boot camp facility. The best boot camps are run by the local Sheriff's department, and overseen by law enforcement agencies. There are very few privately owned boot camps that Therapy Insider's consultants can recommend.

It is quite common for the parents of troubled adolescents to search for boot camps for troubled youth; however, boot camps don’t have a proven track record of successfully treating troubled teens who may be struggling with a number of issues, including substance abuse, addiction, and other behavioral issues. In fact, there is evidence that suggests boot camps are more counterproductive than they are helpful in successfully engaging the source of the behavior. Understanding this is immensely valuable, because there is substantial evidence that reveals that the manner in which these core issues are addressed will determine the long-term success of the teen’s recovery.

Kids Boot Camp

According to the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, it is immensely important for troubled teens to be introduced to proven intervention strategies and programs. A recent article released by the organization strongly suggests that a kids boot camp is not an effective mechanism for treating the behavioral problems of a troubled teen. While attending a boot camp may temporarily alter behavior, it will not address the core issues that are responsible for the behavior, and all "changes" will be temporary. Not only will the teen continue to struggle with the behavior, but the condition is likely to worsen the longer it goes untreated.

At Therapy Insider, we work with parents to provide the much-needed support and information that the parents of troubled teens need to make a well-informed decision concerning the type of therapeutic care their child needs. We are one of the nation’s leading directories of therapeutic boarding schools and other mental health treatment programs. We function as an advocacy group that works directly with parents to help them choose the program that will be right for their teen.

Our Opinion and Review of a Boot Camp for Teens

Our professional opinion is that boot camps typically do not work for kids with emotional and mental issues or disorders. More specifically, a boot camp for teens can inflict damage upon the emotional and mental health of a child, who may be suffering from depression, mood disorders, autism spectrum disorder, Asperger syndrome, and more. If your child's behavior is due to an emotional or mental health issue, we strongly recommend that you avoid these "punitive" types of programs, such as a kids boot camp. We can only recommend a boot camp setting for a child who is flirting with dangerous criminal behavior, or is developing a pattern of behavior that could lead to more serious illegal activities.

Therapy Insider is a leading mental and behavioral health directory website, giving assistance to parents of troubled teenagers who are seeking the most suitable therapeutic programs for their adolescent child; who may be struggling with ADD/ADHD (attentional disorders), bullying, and/or pain medication abuse/addiction trials. Call our experienced family advocate at today!

Other Resources for Parents of Troubled Youth

National Council for Behavioral Health: The National Council For Behavioral Health knows that the work of helping families deal with mental health issues is never ending. They understand that it goes on year round, as families struggle with addictions and mental illnesses. Their Speak Up For Kids Campaign did a study that has shown that over 17 million children have a mental health issue that should be diagnosed, but that less than 35 percent of those children will receive the treatment that they need.