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Our Purpose

Therapy Insider is a powerful resource for families wanting straightforward answers to todays problems. We recognize the challenges that exist for families battling with a child caught in the grip of addiction, a spouse suffering from an emotional set back or a young adult struggling to leave the nest and find their way into the world.

This site acts as a bridge between the problems we all face and the solutions that are just around the corner. Our goal is to educate Parents and Teens by providing them access to a news worthy line-up of articles, videos and feeds that offer fresh, real-world perspectives on the problems they are facing. Regardless of race, gender, beliefs or geographic location, we want to offer help to everyone who is hurting.

Featured articles

5 Things I Want My Daughter To Know

5 Things I Want My Daughter To Know

1. Never forget who you are. And I know, that sounds like just your mother thinking you are something special but guess what—you really are. And so is every other young woman. You need to remember, no matter who or when you are dating, that you are a person of invaluable worth. And because of this— 2. Demand Respect You deserve to be respected in every circumstance, and you must remember to show that respect too. Througho...

Digital Abuse: Who is Harming Our Teens?

Digital Abuse: Who is Harming Our Teens?

The word “abuse” brings to mind different scenarios, often including screaming, hitting, throwing, and yelling—all of them being thought of as situations where people are present, where the two fighting parties are in the same room, or at least in the same neighborhood. That is no longer always the case. In the digital revolution, not only are teens meeting each other in new ways—hello, Facebook and Snapchat&mda...

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