ATTENTION HELICOPTER PARENTS: It's Time You Land on A More Effective Style of Parenting

ATTENTION HELICOPTER PARENTS: It's Time You Land on A More Effective Style of Parenting

Written by Cristo Rogers, Posted on , in Section Parenting On Purpose

Are you a parent guilty of ‘helicopter parenting?’ In other words, do you tend to hover over your child while finding it difficult –if not impossible- to let them make their own decisions? If so, it’s probably time to learn to ‘let go,’ so to speak.

Sound Advice for 'Helicopter Parents' 

According to Myros Allegre of , one of the most difficult aspects of parenting is knowing when to appropriately be authoritative, and when to let your child make their own decisions (even if it mildly hurts them).

In an article she wrote for earlier this month,  the parenting expert gives sound advice to overbearing parents. More specifically, in her parental style op-ed, Myros informs parents why they should ditch the'hovering technique.' Additionally, miss Allegre goes on to list comprehensive reasons why it's important for overbearing moms and dads to give their child liberties when it comes to personal, decision making.

In her article, Allegre warns parents about the danger of ‘helicopter parenting,’ while providing these moms and dads with an alternative parenting style she calls, Negotiation Parenting.

The Negotiating Parent

In her article, Myros educates parents on what she calls ‘negotiation parenting’ - which consists of listening to the concern, need, or issue of a child, rather than simply “laying down the law of the parental land.”

Instead of barking orders, find common ground with yourchild. Negotiating doesn’t mean you have to compromise on things that you think are important, such as your child’s safety, well being, and cultural traditions.

If you are a parent whose looking for an alternative approach to ‘helicopter parenting,' please click the link below to read Miss Allegre's comprehensive article.

Decision-making is an important part of child development - Sometimes it can be difficult to let go of your authority and allow your child to have more say in decision-making. Decision-making, however, is an important part of your child’s journey to adulthood.By using effective negotiation techniques, it can help your child learn to think through whatever it is that he or she wants and needs, and communicate those needs in a reasonable way.Negotiation parenting is an alternative approach that will not only help your child understand other viewpoints, but it will also allow them to make good decisions. Helicopter parenting, on the other hand, will only lead to difficulty with problem-solvingAccording to Indiana University psychologist Chris Meno, helicopter parenting lowers a child’s self-esteem levels, which in turn, increases their fear of failure.

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