Can Video Games Be Beneficial For Those With Down Syndrome?

Can Video Games Be Beneficial For Those With Down Syndrome?

Written by Craig Rogers, Posted on , in Section Embracing Our Uniqueness

Recent studies and experiments have found that video games may have a number of applications that we have never considered before, especially in the fields of education and helping those with disabilities. For example, in a number of different cases, families have been able to use video games to teach and engage children with down syndrome in a way that would have otherwise been impossible. This has brought about tremendous improvement in many individuals in situations where it would have otherwise been impossible. This raises the question, why do video games help disabled individuals?

How Video Games Might Help The Disabled

Studies have found that there are a number of different ways that video games can potentially be beneficial, but perhaps the most important is their ability to get those with disabilities like down syndrome actively involved in the learning process. Teachers and parents will often have difficulties reaching out to these individuals in a meaningful and effective way. This is understandable, as the standard classroom experience doesn't offer the level of engagement and type of instruction that these individuals will best respond to. It is in these situations that using educational video games could make a substantial difference.

What Is The Next Step For This Technology?

Now that we know that video games could potentially have tremendous benefits for those with down syndrome, we need to start investigating how it could help those with other disabilities. Ultimately, it may be that video games also have a variety of applications outside the realms of entertainment and helping those with disabilities. For example, it could be incredibly useful to attempt to incorporate these games into the classroom. The right video game could engage children on a much deeper level than a lecture while still teaching valuable skills and providing important information. As we move forward, we need to keep this in mind as we consider the potential applications of video gaming.