Eight Year Old Boy Gives This Soldier A Priceless Gift

Eight Year Old Boy Gives This Soldier A Priceless Gift

Written by Dr. Cory Reich, Posted on

In the memory of his Father, an 8 year old boy transcends his chronological age, displays the wisdom of selflessness and gratitude, and moved to "pay it forward." Sometimes we question our legacy, the feeling that we are really making a difference in the world. It has been said that one of our greatest fears in life is that we will live and die, and never be remembered. In one of the most powerful expressions you will ever see, the depth and character of an 8 year old boy teaches a message of the sages in creating a legacy. 

Although filled with excitement and in the celebration of finding unexpected resources, this young boy is open and mindful of what matters most to him. In the depth of personal awareness, a visual trigger drives him through the excitement of buying something for himself, to supporting someone else. This boy teaches the life lesson that a legacy isn't so much about being remembered but by making a difference through powerful acts of gratitude and compassion.

Life's Great Paradox

The paradox of life is often found in the opposite of intuition. To obtain love you need to give it away. To be trusted, you must trust others. In order to discover who you are, you must be willing to lose yourself in the service others. I am inspired by this wonderful young man. I am grateful to a father who taught such amazing lessons of life by the way he lived and the way he died. I am equally grateful to a mom who has held a father's legacy up to her son and herself has modeled selflessness, love and support…a legacy that their son will continue to draw upon and find direction to change the world.

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