10 Ways To Live A Better Life

10 Ways To Live A Better Life

Written by Craig Rogers, Posted on , in Section Personal Growth

Making your life easier is well, easy. Here are 10 ways to get the most out of life:

Take the hand you're dealt:

Sometimes it is easy to blame your problems on your situation. However, shifting the blame to something intangible probably won’t solve your problems. Take responsibility and remember that life is not always easy. Do the most with what you have and you will realize that you are much happier. 

Life changes:

Life is not set in stone, unless you are a fossil. The point is this, situations change. Right now you may have a throbbing headache, but in a few hours you will probably feel fine. Don’t waste time dwelling on things that will change on their own. Remember to always be thankful for the people in your life and let everything else keep changing. The world will always keep spinning.

Be yourself:

You are a unique snowflake, just like everybody else. Each person really is unique but sometimes it is easy to conform to a group, even if you don’t agree with them. Don’t compromise your morals or beliefs. Be yourself. You will find true friends and be much happier if you stop conforming and start living.

Live in the moment:

People plan, a lot. Planning isn’t always bad. Planning for retirement is probably a good idea, and planning for having children could make things easier, but life it not always about planning. Some of the most fun and interesting events are found by chance. Increase the enjoyment you get out of life by living in the moment. Everything in life doesn’t need to be planned, be spontaneous.

Learn from your mistakes:

Mistakes happen. Even with meticulous planning, things can go horribly wrong. Next time you make a bad mistake, remember to learn from it. The old saying coined by George Santayana “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” is entirely true. Learn from your mistakes and you will find that you actually end up making less and less of them.


Life is a learning experience. Expanding your mind and acquiring new skills are they keys to success. School doesn’t stop with graduation, make it your goal to be a lifetime learner. Learning will make you more aware of the world you live in and will lead to happiness.

Eat good foods:

Give your body what it needs. Eating junk food can be enjoyable and is becoming more and more prevalent, but it is not healthy. Eating healthy foods will give your body all of the nutrients and energy it needs, without all of the extra calories. Give your waistband a break and eat healthy, natural foods.


Don’t cheat on your significant other. Don’t cheat on your exams. Do give yourself that extra piece of cake for sticking to a clean healthy diet. Do sleep in on the weekend even though it might disturb your regular sleeping schedule. Reward yourself often. True happiness is freedom. Even though you may have a specific diet or regime, take a break sometimes and reward yourself.

Find meaning:

The age old question. What is the meaning of life? There is no clear answer. The meaning of life is different for each person. Take time out of your day and reflect on the bigger questions in life. Try to untangle the complicated universe and you will find that little issues in your life aren’t so significant.

Don’t worry, be happy:

Stress can cause all sorts of health problems. Stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, and even acne can all result from stress. Take at least a half hour every day to forget about all of your problems. Focus only on the here and now. Letting the various troubles in life roll out of your mind can lead to happiness.


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