I Caught My Teen Smoking, What Should I Do?

I Caught My Teen Smoking, What Should I Do?

Written by Mark Sampson, Posted on , in Section Blog

For many parents who have caught their teenage sons or daughters smoking, they often wonder what they should do next to ensure their child doesn’t make a habit of it. For many teens, starting to smoke may seem like a harmless habit. Many teens fall victim to the invincibility complex, not understanding how easily they can get addicted and how much they can harm their bodies. If you catch your son or daughter smoking, there are several steps you can take to ensure that they quit before the problem gets worse.

Why Teens Choose To Start Smoking

Many teens begin smoking as a means of fitting in. If your child has fallen into a group of friends that smoke cigarettes or abuses other substances, they are far more likely to do it themselves. In their impressionable state, teenagers fall victim to peer pressure very easily, and it’s one of the most common reasons they start smoking cigarettes. If this is the case with your child, you can try to end their habit by monitoring who they spend their time with and where. Removing your teen from their bad influences, or at least being present when they spend time together, can ensure that they aren’t as heavily influenced by a negative crowd.

On top of this, you can show your teenager the dangers of smoking cigarettes. Many young people smoke because they think they will appear “cool”, and simply don’t understand just how dangerous it is. Educating them on the numerous dangers that accompany smoking helps them to be able to comprehend exactly what they’re doing to their bodies and how easily they can get addicted. Also, showing them how expensive their habit will be if they maintain it has proven to be a very persuasive tool for most teens. In any case, they will need your support and help to quit smoking, especially if they are already very reliant on the habit. It can be very difficult for young people to understand the severity of the issue, but with the right tips, you can help them move past it to a healthier lifestyle.

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