A Deep Heartfelt Tribute to Fellow Recovering Addicts

A Deep Heartfelt Tribute to Fellow Recovering Addicts

Written by Craig Rogers, Posted on , in Section Blog

We are not alone.... we are united if we are willing to serve

To understand what it is like to be in "recovery" is something that can only be experienced, unfortunately. For those on the outside, those who have not struggled with the insanity of addiction and are not working diliegently to live sober - they just don't understand.

Actively honoring others in recovery, those who have struggled with addiction is a big part of our own sobriety. People who are serious about sobriety know that the secret of "staying sober" is to live outside of ourselves, to be others-centered, and to serve others in authentic ways.

In order to genuinely serve others we must first have a heart for others, a heart filled with empathy and compassion for those who have struggled and are struggling. If our desire to connect with others in an act of service is not real, sobriety becomes almost impossible.

One of the tricks to living a sober life is to realize that we are not alone. Being alone, or believing the false premise that we are all alone, is our You Are Not Aloneenemy - the demon we fight as we struggle with living life on life's terms. Knowing that we are not alone, and living as if we are not alone, is the foundation of our sobriety. We have a similar journey, and we have an experience that we can relate to, which brings us together in ways that allows for our honesty and our growth

Below you will find a cool article written by a struggling millennial in recovery. He hits many precepts of sobriety, and eludes to the experience of successful sobriety - real sobriety. He knows what it is like to be "out of control," feeling hopeless and helpless, but finding a reason to live and ultimately live a sober life.

Orignal post by Cristo, found on Millennial Apathy, August 13th, 2016

Addiction: A Salute to My Fellow Recovering Addicts

Addiction is a complex subject for me. I have a moral juxtaposition of hating addiction for the awful c#$$ of an affliction it is, while simultaneously having a lack of respect for those who haven’t struggled with woes of dependency like I have.

I am not alone in my opinions on the matter. One of my favorite comics of all time, Marc Maron said , “I don’t have respect for those who haven’t lost complete control of their lives at one time or another.”

While this statement may sound preposterous to some, a lot of addicts truly self-identify with those words.

Why? Addicts are a different breed. While some people go their entire lives addiction free, others, like me, were seemingly born to experiment, fall in love, and pledge our lives to a substance that provides a temporary escape from reality.

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