Random Acts of Kindness vs. Bullying - Take the Challenge

Random Acts of Kindness vs. Bullying - Take the Challenge

Written by Angie Woodward, Posted on , in Section Editors Picks

Is there a person whose actions have had a considerable impact on your life? Will you answer the call by recognizing someone who shared a random act of kindness with you or substantially affected your life in a positive way? Message from ACA's 64th President, Thelma Duffy

This article originally appeared on Counseling Today on February 1st, 2016, by Thelma Duffy - titled, "From the President: Honoring positive impactMessage from Thelma Duffy - ACA President

I was sitting at the boarding lounge not long ago preparing for a very early morning flight when the gentleman who issued my ticket came running to the gate where I was seated. With a big smile, he handed me something I had left on the counter and gave me a nice compliment as he did so. The distance from the curbside baggage check to my gate was considerable, but this gentleman had sprinted through the airport and tracked down my boarding gate in a very generous act of kindness.

It is interesting how one person’s random act of kindness can set the mood and brighten another person’s day. In this case, it certainly brightened mine. It also punctuated the consistently enjoyable week that I experienced in Louisville with my most gracious and hospitable counseling colleagues at the University of Louisville and the Kentucky Counseling Association.

Feb. 14-20 is Random Acts of Kindness Week (see randomactsofkindness.org). I am delighted to hear that in celebration of this event, and as a response to the American Counseling Association’s presidential initiative on anti-bullying and interpersonal violence, all 14 school districts in San Antonio (the seventh-largest city in the U.S.) and rural districts in the surrounding area will be participating in a weeklong Take the Challenge campaign to “build cool, caring and inclusive communities.”

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