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Angie Woodward

Angie Woodward

RN-Director and Owner

  • Registered Nurse licensed in Wy. For 20+ years
  • Special training in psychiatric, emergency and intensive care medicine
  • Certified in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
  • Administrating and assisting at-risk youth for 10+ years

I was raised on a cattle ranch in Wyoming, and learned the power of prayer, hard work, laughter, honesty and integrity. These traits I have taken with me through my life’s journey. I have been blessed to be a wife and a mother of 4 children. I have been an RN since 1986 and I have worked in intensive psychiatric facilities, neurology units, intensive care units, home health and hospice.

In 1997, I worked at a Christian treatment program for teens, and quickly moved up the corporate ladder into a managerial position. From that experience, I learned what works and what doesn’t work in treating at risk youth and their families. In 2002, I answered God’s call to design and start an all-girls, small Christian treatment program called Trinity Teen Solutions, Inc.

I was passionate about creating a treatment environment that was completely different than the typical secular, sterile, mental health programs out there. My philosophy is that institutionalizing teens creates a whole new set of problems. In order for a teen to heal the inner woundedness, they need to feel like they are special, unique, safe and loved. In small Christian family style setting teens can be nurtured back to the beautiful young lady that God created them to be. The most powerful thing that one of my first clients ever said to me was, “Angie the only reason you have helped me, is that you didn’t treat me like a patient, you treated me like a person who was just making bad decisions and needed love and guidance to get back on track.” That has stuck with me all the way through treating the 100’s of young women and their families.

I have a passion for girls that have suffered some sort of trauma in their lives. Specializing in treating sexual abuse, physical and emotional abuse, neglect, grief and loss of a loved one. I have helped 100’s of girls heal from their past trauma’s by treating them using Christian Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). We are unique in the field of treating trauma with a Christian EMDR approach. This approach is very powerful in healing trauma because by using Christ as our role model for love of self and others and through forgiveness can the victim move on in life.

The family is the backbone of society and I believe is being attacked on every front. Therefore that is why we use a Christian Family Systems approach for healing the family. In order to treat and heal the at risk teen we also need to treat the entire family, and any extended family that is influential in parenting/raising the teen. Uniting the family, igniting Christian morals and values in the family system is imperative to lasting outcomes after treatment.

My other passion is the outdoors. I am constantly amazed by God’s creations and the power that Mother Nature holds in healing the inner person. Being in a peaceful, beautiful and serene place encourages people to get in touch with who they really are and what their purpose in life is. I love golfing, hunting, hiking, backpacking, riding horses, packing horses, riding ATV’s and snowmobiles in the backcountry.

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