Happiest Grandfather In The World Gets A Big Surprise

Happiest Grandfather In The World Gets A Big Surprise

Written by Mark Lounsbury, Posted on , in Section Relationships That Matter
There is nothing better than making the people you love feel special, and this is exactly what happens in one of the most heart-warming videos I’ve seen on YouTube. When you see the way this man reacts, it is clear that family is the most important thing to him. Normally, this man and his wife make yearly trips to visit their daughter and grandson, but due to health issues had been unable to make the trip. You can see from his reaction how meaningful it was that they made the effort to come to him.

It’s truly heart warming to see the complete shock and surprise when he wakes up to see his grandson. You can see how much it means to him as he embraces his grandson. The mother and grandmother had been in on it the whole time, setting him up perfectly to receive his big surprise. Family is so valuable and often times taken for granted. This video reminded me to appreciate how lucky I am to have my family so close to me.

Making Time For Family

How often do we visit our families, and is it enough? Sometimes we get so caught up with work and school and forget about the things in life that make it worth living. For example, though my grandfather died before I could get to know him I certainly remember visiting my grandma. Endless amounts of sweets, and toys; all while telling my parents it’s her right as my grandma to spoil her grandchildren. She always seemed so happy to see us, waiting for us with open arms and wet kisses.
These days, my parents seem like the grandpa in this video when it comes to my brother and his two kids. They can't get enough of spending time with their grandkids. Although he only lives a few hours away, my brother doesn’t seem to visit enough, at least according to my parents. They’re so excited when they see them and it’s surprising how just a small visit seems to make the world of difference to them.