Employee Happiness: How One Company is Redifining Prosperity

Employee Happiness: How One Company is Redifining Prosperity

Written by Craig Rogers, Posted on , in Section Inspirational

At Mimecast Its not just about the bottom line.  Some companies, like Mimecast,have created a high performance culture by caring about their employees emotional and physical well-being.  Yoga and guided imagery? Yes, Mimecast does care about the bottom line, but their methods are unusual. Their goal is to produce high performers by creating a healthy culture through real means.

Mimecast employs a "sleep room" and a "collaboration cafe" (with smoothies). Mimecast is committed to create a happier atmosphere. As part of those efforts, the company offers yoga, collaborative work and dining spaces and healthy lunches for workers. No employee has an office, as their phycial plants highlight collaboration.  Nutrition is also very important, offering healthy food and beverages instead of high sugar drinks. The entire structure Mimecast, a software company specializing in email management programs, is real about creating a "mindful workplace for its employees".

"Nobody has an office, not even the CEO," says Mark Bilbe, General Manager - North America, "We also have a sleep room where folks can go to chill out or catch a power nap so that they feel refreshed and they're able to perform at their best." 

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