Can I Channel My Daughter's Strong Will Into Something Positive?

Can I Channel My Daughter's Strong Will Into Something Positive?

Written by Craig Rogers, Posted on , in Section Relationships That Matter


If you find that your teenage daughter is challenging you at every turn, you’ll find that teen girls that tend to be stubborn can be re-directed.

Sure, it’s wonderful that they are strong young women, but often their tenacity leads to a generous amount of conflict - at home and elsewhere. What you want to do is build up their character and leadership capabilities. Much of their persistence can be channeled if you approach it the correct way. 

Stubborn Behavior

Teens have a tendency toward stubborn behavior, which is natural. They are simply asserting their independence and testing the limits while they form their own identifies. They are still kids, however, and in desperate need of guidance to ensure healthy development. Redirection of their negative behavior is the best path to achieving positive results. Allowing teens to take the lead can help in cultivating good leadership skills, but it is important to set concise rules, including those related to safety, daily routines, manners, and respect. One good tip is for parents to learn to re-direct their teen rather than just reacting to their behavior. This will serve to illustrate to your daughter how much you respect her wants and opinions, as well as how important she is.  

Embracing Her Strengths or Seeking Help

When your daughter is exceptionally stubborn, re-direction might not always proceed as you plan. Your good intentions might not be enough in the face of destructive behavior and defiance. If you find that embracing her strengths isn't working out and you cannot control your teen’s behavior, it could be time to seek professional help, like Trinity Teen Solutions.   

We All Went Through It

A teen’s prefrontal cortex will not fully develop until the mid-twenties, so irrational behavior is quite natural. This can cause them to see their parents as the villains when they set rules. Don't forget that all of our parents had to go through the same thing, so keep the bigger picture in mind. 

Sometimes help for a struggling teen calls for assistance outside of the family. In spite of the fact that your teen has become quite determined about controlling her own life, and it's frustrating and exhausting, there is always hope for gaining an understanding of your teenager. To gain some control of her life, but not break her spirit. 


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