4 Ways To Be More Productive As A Student

4 Ways To Be More Productive As A Student

Written by Brett Brostrom, Posted on , in Section Must Reads

Everyone could use a quick pick-me-up when it comes to productivity. Sometimes we put too much on our plate and we get overwhelmed. Here are 4 tips to being more productive.

1. Take a break every 90 minutes

As it turns out, our bodies run on an energy cycle that operates on 90 minute intervals. After that hour and a half mark, we start to stagnate and lose our focus. So instead of zoning out and wasting time on the internet, bust your butt for 90 minutes then go outside for 5 minutes and walk around or try some other stimulating activity. You will notice a huge difference.

2. Put Yourself in “Do Not Disturb” Mode

Those 90 minute periods are the times you need to really get it done, and there is nothing worse than getting in the "zone," then your buddy comes in and interrupts you with some meaningless conversation. Studies have shown that after those interruptions, it can take nearly a half hour to get back on track. Whether it’s working with your bedroom door closed or just telling someone to get far away from your space, do what you need to do to avoid being distracted.

3. Don’t Avoid Your Work by Replying to Emails

Email is extremely beneficial, but if you let it be, it can be detrimental as well. It’s part of our every day lives, but we often use it as an excuse to avoid doing the work we really need to do. We justify our actions by saying something along the lines of “well, I need to email my professor this question.” Blah blah blah. It’s just an excuse to avoid the real work you need to do. Set some different time aside to reply to emails.

4. Keep Your Emails Short

All of that being said, if you absolutely have to email someone, keep it short. You can get distracted very easily by sending a lengthy email. Also, avoid reading longer emails if you can. Your professor doesn’t have time to read a long explanation on why your assignments are late. Nor do they want to take the time to read those emails. You will save yourself and your professor time by doing this.

There are many things that can help to keep us more productive and you need to find which method works best for you. The important thing is to be productive. DOn't ever allow yourself excuses as to why you can't be.