5 Signs Your Teen Needs Help Right Away

5 Signs Your Teen Needs Help Right Away

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Understanding Your Teen's Problems

Taking action quickly can make a big difference for parents seeking to help their children stay on the right track. Below are 5 signs that your teen might need professional help right away.

5 Signs You Need To Watch Out For

1 - Neglecting their academics - Teens who are struggling will often do serious damage to their future by neglecting their school performance. In extreme cases this may mean not even graduating high school, but even simply getting poor grades can have a huge impact on the colleges they have to choose from and their career options. If your teen has started struggling in their classes, it is important that you don't ignore the problem. Find out what is causing this behavior and do something about it as quickly as possible.

2 - Alcohol and drug use - Some people view alcohol and drug experimentation as a normal part of the teenage experience, but the reality is that this behavior is extremely dangerous and can potentially cause long-term damage. Furthermore, simple experimentation can quickly lead to addiction. If you notice signs of your teen using drugs or alcohol, you must get them the help they need to become sober before it's too late.

3 - Getting into fights - Teens with mental health issues will often have troubled controlling their anger. This often results in things like angry outbursts at family members or fights at school in more extreme circumstances. If your son or daughter has started getting into fights, it may be time to examine the reasons behind their anger and the difficulty they are having controlling it in a healthy manner.

4 - Acting rebellious - This can take many forms, but generally it will manifest itself as your teen refusing to obey rules around the house and at school. Obviously, this can be a serious problem as it is impossible to maintain discipline if your teen won't acknowledge the boundaries you set.

5 - Skipping school - Teens who are getting involved with issues like substance abuse or violence will often start missing school all together. Luckily, this behavior should be easily detectable as the school will often notify you about attendence issues. Make sure you take this seriously, as dropping out and failing to graduate can completely derail a young person's future.


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