Parents are Not Mind Readers And Neither Are Teen Girls

Parents are Not Mind Readers And Neither Are Teen Girls

Written by Wendy Riddle, Posted on , in Section Teens & Tweens

Times have changed and being a teenager is tougher than ever. Your daughter is going through troubles, doubts and concerns that you couldn't have imagined when you were her age. But, parents are not mind readers, so, how do you get your daughter to talk instead of expecting you to read her mind.

Even though eye rolls are second nature for teen girls, all they really want is to know that their parents care. A girl needs to know that how she feels and what she is challenged with, really matters to her parents, far more than they might think. So, it is important to reach out to them and ask questions. By starting small and easy, she will know the support is there for her without being pushy.

Put Shame and Blame Aside to Create a No Judgement Zone For Teen Girls

If parents put shame and blame aside and create a no-judgement zone where teens feel safe enough to tell the truth, and where they can feel parental love and acceptance no matter what they share, they are far more likely to open up.  A big fear girls have that prevents them from talking to their parents is having the information somehow used against them, such as lecturing, making her feel ashamed, or preventing her from having an experience.

Teen girls find that seeing the human side of their mothers comforts them and creates an intimacy they treasure.  By allowing daughters to know some of their mothers vulnerabilities, insecurities or challenges. allows them to have even more empathy and respect for their mothers and how they’ve handled situations.

Ultimately, what teen girls want is for parents to listen to them, without flying off the handle or necessarily jumping right in and trying to fix their problems for them.  In a way, it kind of comes down to finding that delicate balance between being a parent and being a friend.  But a good relationship is where the parents treat their daughters with the same love, respect and openness they are wanting in return.

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