Can One Yale Professor Help All Parents Become Emotional Experts

Can One Yale Professor Help All Parents Become Emotional Experts

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"Follow your heart," is an often repeated phrase used when giving advice to someone.

It is an emotional response that humans believe is important enough to base some of our most life-changing decisions on. We place so much emphasis on making our decisions using emotional itelligence. Interestingly, human instinct is to give credibility to decisions based on emotions as we tend to believe this will lead us where we need to go. 

Professor Believes She Can Close The Gap Between Human Perception and Scientific Studies

The study of human emotion has become a fascinating and complex area of scientific inquiry. June Gruber, assistant professor of psychology at Yale University, has created a new resource for the understanding of human emotions. She has initiated 60 interviews with leading experts in the field of emotion. Gruber believes there is a gap between public perception and scientific study.

Additionally, she believes that continuing to study human emotions will impact the field of psychology and provide therapists with a much better understanding of mental health in a holistic way.

Although we are all somewhat experts on emotions, our emtions are often difficult to understand or change. Gruber believes her studies can fundamentally change the entire field of emotional study.

With a better understanding of their scientific link to our behaviors, she believes we may have more influence over our own emotions than we may think. If her studies prove correct, Gruber may become a pioneer in the field of emotional study. Her theories may be the basis for upcoming therapeutic guidelines in the mental health industry.