Drug Addiction is a Response to a Struggling Existence

Drug Addiction is a Response to a Struggling Existence

Written by Trevor Eaton, Posted on , in Section Personal Growth

The tragedy of Philip Seymour Hoffman's death allows us to look back on how drug use has consumed the lives of many within the entertainment industry. The first statement usually muttered is, “well if they were doing drugs, then I don’t feel bad for them.” However, taking a deeper look at addiction helps us to learn why the path to drugs is followed and why a person would choose to live like that. For most, it starts with casual use then quickly develops into dependency and full blown addiction. Once a person reaches the point of addiction, it becomes extremely difficult to break the chain and become clean again. Here are some of the reasons it seems so common for those in entertainment to turn to drugs use.

Fuels Creativity

Many artists that rely on a highly creative process will turn to drugs to fuel that creativity. When they begin to get praise for their work, they feel like they need to continue in order to maintain the level of creativity that they are known for.

Escape from life

Living in the spotlight can take its toll on a person and often times this causes them to look for ways to detach from reality. This can be accomplished with vacations, family, hobbies, but sadly drugs are often what are chosen. This temporary separation from reality can be what helps a person to maintain what they feel is a sense of normalcy. 

Pressure from others

Drugs and alcohol are common at most of the parties that Hollywood actors attend. This drug use can stem from association with those that they respect and want to impress. Many of the connections people make in the entertainment business are directly related to the kind of opportunities that are available. By showing that you are a team player, it might open otherwised closed doors.

Most people don’t understand this level of pressure and it can be easy to point fingers at others. Most people suffering from addiction wish to get off the roller coaster ride but they are no longer able to function without their drug of choice, and they don’t know how to rid their life from the struggle. It is important to spot the signs of addiction early so that a person can find they help they need in order to restore their life to what it once was.