Finding Out That Your Daughter is the Bully

Finding Out That Your Daughter is the Bully

Written by Craig Rogers, Posted on , in Section Must Reads


It’s a situation virtually unimaginable for most parents: receiving “that” call from their teen’s school, notifying them that it is their child that’s responsible for teen bullying.

Yet, it happens time and again when teen girls are struggling. But, while getting that call may be one of the most difficult things to face, girl bullying is serious, and it may be a sign that deeper issues need to be addressed. Whether it’s mental health issues, trauma, substance abuse, or any other behavioral problem, when a teen’s actions get out of control, finding an effective treatment for troubled teen girls may be the only way out. 

Teen Bullying is Almost Never a One-Time Thing 

It’s often difficult for parents to acknowledge that their troubled teens may be responsible for bullying other students. In fact, many times parents assume that the conflict must have been a misunderstanding, or it was simply blown out of proportion. The reality is, however, that by the time a parent hears of it, it has probably happened more than once. 

Trinity Teen Solutions, a leading residential treatment center for troubled teen girls, is quick to point out this connection, quoting statistics that show bullying is not normally a singular occurrence. In their article, they note that “40 percent of middle school administrators, and 20 percent of high school administrators, report that bullying takes place on a daily and weekly basis.” If this is true, then your troubled teen isn’t just simply engaging in some harmless teasing, she very well may be causing significant, regular harm. 

How could your daughter be harming others . . . and why is she doing it?

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