Everything Bad Is Good For You: How One Company Is Using Video Games to Treat ADHD

Everything Bad Is Good For You: How One Company Is Using Video Games to Treat ADHD

Written by Craig Rogers, Posted on , in Section Turn For The Better

Focus Pocus is the name of a company that is wielding the power of a certain kind of magic -- the magic of entertainment -- to help kids overcome the obstacles that arise when living with ADHD. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder affects a staggering number of teen boys. ADHD is a condition that affects impulse control, memory function and the ability to focus. Teen boys face a frightening array of challenges every single day, and ADHD has the potential to lead to troubling outcomes.

The role of games in treating mental disorders has a surprisingly rich history. It has long been understood that challenging mental games, such as brain teasers, riddles, word games and other puzzles can help improve brain function. However, Focus Pocus has invented a technology that allows scientists to receive and record the brain waves of people who are playing a video game that they also designed. The game is designed to provoke particular actions and reactions, and the device is a comfortable, noninvasive piece that is worn on the head, a little bit like a science fiction looking crown.

Using the feedback that scientsists get from the children's neural responses to the game, they are able to design games that address attentional deficiencies directly through gameplay, with increasing accuracy through every iteration.

Sometimes The Only Way to Help Teen Boys With ADHD Is to Seek Professional Help

Too many parents have witnessed their sons seem to just zone out, eyes glazed over in the middle of a conversation. It can hurt your feelings, it can make you angry, it can make it feel like you don't know how to get through to your child. But the condition that cause these missed-communication moments are very real for a lot of teen boys.

While video games may represent a promising future for the treatment of ADHD, most parents agree that they need help that will address this problem starting today. Ashcreek Ranch Academy knows that ADHD can cause some teen boys to head down the wrong path, whether because of poor choices or missed opportunities. If you believe that your son, or a teen boy that you know, may require treatment to address his attentional issues, call 1-435-215-0500 today.