Daddy Makes Toddler An Action Film Hero

Daddy Makes Toddler An Action Film Hero

Written by Craig Rogers, Posted on , in Section Parenting On Purpose

It's not always easy to connect with your children, especially if you have a demanding job. Work can easily get in the way of spending time with family if you let it. Sometimes this means you have to find creative ways to really connect, and this is exactly what Dreamworks animator and special effects artist Daniel Hashimoto has done. Though he's used to working on big budget movies like "How to Train Your Dragon", Hashimoto has recently started using his visual effects skills to turn his 3 year old son James into a superhero in their home videos. Take a look at these videos, you'll be shocked how great they turned out.

It's obviously a lot easier to play Star Wars when your dad works in visual effects. Check out what happens when James uses his light saber in the middle of a store.

Most boys want to be a superhero when they're young, but not very many have parents who can make that dream a reality. Here, we see James channeling his inner Batman with his dad's help. 

Sticking with the superhero theme, this shows James using his powers over breakfast. 

Everybody has played this game as a child. Pretending the floor is lava and jumping from one piece of furniture to another. This video really brings to life what every kid has imagined.

What is really fantastic about these clips is the impact that they are having on Hashimoto's son. He was recently quoted saying "James doesn't watch TV or movies very much. We play tons of games with him throughout the day." It's easy to see how games like this would be much more engaging than just watching TV. 


Check out more videos of the action hero kid on his Youtube channel