To Parents Who Are Sick and Tired of Your Troubled Teen : Don't Feel Guilty

To Parents Who Are Sick and Tired of Your Troubled Teen : Don't Feel Guilty

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Are You Tired of Your Troubled Teen? Here's What to Do

Some cold hard facts about Parenting: Raising a child is hard. Raising a teenager is harder. Raising a troubled teen is hell.

If you are the parent of a troubled teenage boy or girl who has a lack of respect for authority, is sexually acting out, and/or is experimenting with drugs and alcohol, don't feel guilty; You are not alone. In fact, there are millions of parents who share your desperate need for a break from the exhausting daily struggles of raising a troubled teenage boy or girl.

It's important for parents of troubled teens to understand there is no one way to help their child in overcoming his/her behavioral issues. Parents, who are exhausted from always balancing their needs with the needs of their child, need to be honest with their parental abilities and shortcomings. More importantly, these parents need to find ways to replenish themselves. This means frustrated and exhausted caregivers need to focus on their personal self-care in addition to the care and treatment they bestow upon their child. 

So, You're tired of Raising Your Troubled Teen - Be Honest, But Don't Feel Guilty

First and foremost: honesty is the best parental policy. Being honest means to embrace the fact that you are tired and exhausted as a parent. DO NOT feel ashamed about your exhaustion of raising your child, rather, admit it to yourself and come to terms with your exhaustive state. Every parent feels the sharp pain of feeling as though they are failing their child. The fact is, however, teens can turn to negative and self-sabotaging behaviors even with the love and support of the most nurturing of parents.

It's not enough to admit your anxiety and tiredness of raising a troubled teen to yourself. It is also therapeutic to discuss your situation with a friend, co-worker, family member or -especially- a licensed therapist. You never know what new insight and help you can gain from the perspective of someone who is not as close to the problem as you.

So, Your Troubled Teen Takes Up All Your Time - Adhere to Your Own Needs

As grueling and tiring as raising a troubled teen may be, it is critical to take the time to support your needs as well. Keep up with all of your health appointments and social obligations with friends. By staying healthy and engaging in a social life, you will feel less stressed and revitalized to take on the day.

To make sure you take care of your needs, make your very own to-do list that includes daily, personal objectives. It is important to check off all of your objectives so that you can make sure all your needs are being met. Your troubled adolescent child may not thank you for it now, but by being your best self in your clearest mind, you become a more loving and impactful parent in the process.

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Raising a teenager, even under the best of circumstances, is exhausting. Whether your teen is moping around the house or in your face explaining your shortcomings, it's easy to understand why parents get tired of dealing with a troubled teen. It's important for parents to remember they're not alone, and that they shouldn't feel guilty about wanting a break once in a while.

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