High Percentages of Adopted Teens Enter Residential Treatment

High Percentages of Adopted Teens Enter Residential Treatment

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Adoption is by no means perfect. Most people forget to tell you of the struggles that come with adoption. Much more than not, children who’ve been adopted have issues that show themselves during adolescence.  Many times parents are discouraged and don’t know where to turn. That’s where residential treatment programs fit in.

It’s not anyone’s fault. According to Adoptive Voices Magazine,"This is a developmental time when unresolved issues can manifest themselves in dramatic and destructive ways that adoptive parents may not be prepared for."

Studies have shown that adoptees and birth mothers suffer more from depression and that there’s a higher rate of suicide among these populations. About 25-35% of enrolled kids in residential treatment centers are adopted, and it shouldn’t be surprising.

Treatment camps take in adopted children with all sorts of issues: substance adopted child syndrome, common psychological and emotional effects of adoption and drug abuse, sexual misconduct, violence and anger towards parents, siblings, pets, or even themselves, and the list can go on and on.

There are books, therapists, and programs out there to help these adoptees and their families. Today we are more aware of the struggles these families go through and understand how adoption has its struggles as well as its blessings. It’s important to understand every adoptee has a unique and separate experience. No two situations are exactly alike. 

"There are also adoption therapists who specialize in helping adoptees heal and overcome their psychological and emotional issues.  It’s an important point to remember that there are many therapists who attempt to help adoptees, but sadly they have no real understanding of adoptee issues." 

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