Young Adult Dating Trends: Harmful, or Helpful?

Young Adult Dating Trends: Harmful, or Helpful?

Written by Craig Rogers, Posted on , in Section Essential Reads


With the advent of social media, young adult dating trends are changing the entire face of young adult romance and relationships.

From sleeping over to living together, to the involvement of technology, today's trends are changing the world of young adult dating forever. 

Sleeping Over: Should You Do It?

One of the most typical trends in Young adult relationships is the act of sleeping over at one another’s homes, without necessarily intending to eventually cohabitate. Research studies have shown that this type of “stayover relationship” is a growing trend among Young adult couples who want commitment, but are not interested in marriage. This dating trend allows both of the partners to have that intimate, close feeling that comes From a dedicated relationship, yet can still have their own personal space once their partner goes home. While this may sound idyllic, it actually has significantly affected the decline in marriages taking place today. More young adult couples are choosing to simply live together, rather than legally share their belongings with one another.

But what else are 21st century young adults doing for their relationships?

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