You Need to Talk About Domestic Violence With Your Teen Boy Who Idolizes Chad Ochocinco

You Need to Talk About Domestic Violence With Your Teen Boy Who Idolizes Chad Ochocinco

Written by Craig Rogers, Posted on , in Section Inspirational

Domestic violence is a prominent issue that finds its way onto the news through several outlets, including professional athletes. Most recently there has been wide spread media coverage regarding the domestic violence cases of NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco. For years Chad Ochocinco has been a top receiver in the NFL, which has placed him in the spotlight. Teen boys that are fans of the NFL are exposed to this negligible and abhorrent behavior. Parents are now provided with an opportunity to discuss the seriousness of domestic violence. Despite the society wide stance against domestic violence, it still finds its way into our homes, even if it is through the news. Professional athletes like Chad Ochocinco are role models to teen boys, their negative behavior needs to be addressed.

Talking With Teen Boys About Positive Role Models

Teen boys that are fans of Chad Ochocinco need to understand that the type of behavior he has been exhibiting is not acceptable. It is far too easy for professional athletes to feel that they are above the law. This causes situations like the domestic violence issue raging through the media now. Young men need to learn that no matter what the situation, domestic violence is not the answer. Serious legal consequences are the outcome of men who do not find other ways to resolve their issues. Parents that are aware of this situation should take some time to talk with their son regarding Chad Ochocinco's behavior. Although many teen boys will not see the necessity of this discussion, now is the perfect opportunity to touch on this topic. These young men are able to see what happens to a man they look up to, thanks to his poor choices.

Help Is Available for Parents That Need Guidance Through This Process

Families with troubled boys can find help for their son that will positively influence them, Parents are not alone.