Uproar Over New Female Transformer

Uproar Over New Female Transformer

Written by Craig Rogers, Posted on , in Section Inspirational

Robots In Disguise or Robots in Dresses?

A new poll put out by Hasbro to chose the next transformer came back with an overwhelming response for Windblade, a female based character, and the there are plenty that have a problem with the results. Supposedly transformers are suppose to be genderless even though they have masculine names and even male parts. In the first Transformers’ movie there is a scene where Bumble Bee can be seen “lubricating” on a man while in a standing position, and the second movie has that same man is giving his location for an attack and reports his position as “underneath the enemy scrotum.”

There are two things that make this amusing the first is that there is already a female transformer, Arcee, a motorcycle based Transformer. The second is that it was a fan based poll and they are the ones that voted for her. It’s not like Hasbro is trying to push something onto the public that they don’t want, and even if they were, if people didn’t want to buy it, then they wouldn’t and the law of economics would phase her out.

The problem lies with the fact that it has been a male dominated world from the beginning. If the series had been created with both male and female in a somewhat equal balance, then it would’ve been more acceptable. For example, Storm, Rogue, Jean Grey, and Mystique are all part of the X-Men universe and have a huge fan base with both genders, but if they were being introduced to an all male cast, then there would be an uproar of people thinking they were just trying to bring sex appeal to the X-Men. In hindsight, Transformers should’ve probably had a more balanced cast from the beginning, but when they put it to a vote and the public overwhelmingly wants to introduce a female character, then there really shouldn’t be an issue.