The Path to Pot is Littered With Lies

The Path to Pot is Littered With Lies

Written by Ronald Coulson, Posted on , in Section Parenting On Purpose

How can we overcome agendas?

There is an absurd amount of hype and mythology surrounding marijuana from those who oppose its use, as well as from those who support legalizing it. Each side rattles off statistics that cater to their cause, but the reality of the effects marijuana has on the user hasn’t been tested thoroughly enough. How can either side make an informed and rational opinion about the issue if the research is lacking? Unfortunately it is easier than one would think, after all who needs facts...right?

Fund the facts.

While there has been some studies done both in support of, and against marijuana use, the information is in it’s infancy at best. More studies need to be done with a neutral approach over a longer time period. Instead of trying to manufacture facts to fit an agenda, why not let actual facts dictate policies over use? Why not focus on funding research that doesn’t have an agenda? If both sides were more interested in facts, it could be possible.

While I don’t believe it is as harmful as its opponents claim it to be, I am not so naive to think it couldn’t have some of the harmful effects that proponents are quick to dismiss. Marijuana is a drug, plain and simple. To think a drug can have no effect on your health is ridiculous and, as much as people would like to think otherwise, marijuana isn’t some magical drug that rules don’t apply to.

Medically speaking.

There are those that argue its medicinal properties, which have been shown to be true, but guess what… steroids, heroin, and a plethora of other drugs also have medicinal use - they also have negative effects on the body. They also have had the advantage of being studied for longer periods of time compared to the studies of marijuana, which is why we know more about them.

Regardless of what side you find yourself standing on with regards to this debate, why not try and stop spreading misinformation just because you want your personal belief to be right. More importantly, as with a lot of other drugs that are studied, let us keep an open mind to the idea that drugs can be both helpful and harmful. It all comes down to how it is used and how often it is used.