Is CrossFit Training The New Successful Approach to Effective Drug Treatment and Sobriety?

Is CrossFit Training The New Successful Approach to Effective Drug Treatment and Sobriety?

Written by Craig Rogers, Posted on , in Section Happiness

CrossFit Meets Recovery and Commitment to Sobriety

What is CrossFit and how what does it have to do with drug treatment and rehab? I can tell you this, CrossFit is rigorous exercise that is naturally and uniquely aligned with the principles of effectual sobriety and the community of recovery - and the two go together quite well. 

CrossFit is described as a fitness regimen based on peer support. CrossFit uses constantly high intensity varied functional movements that include weight training and basic plyometrics. CrossFit is unlimited in scope, but typically involves an unique combination of  olympic lifts, kettle balls, box jumps, medicine balls, pull ups, calisthenics, running and much more. Moreover, the intense CrossFit workout is done in rapid bursts with managed recovery time.

CrossFit is also performed in groups or teams, that operate in a community environment with support from each other. CrossFit is driven by folks inspiring and encouraging each other. The focus is to excel mentally and physically, pushing new boundaries, with the outcome of steady improvement - working smarter (togehter) not harder (alone).

The CrossFit environment reflects the same positive influences found in healthy recovery communities where the culture of sobriety is strong. The CrossFit community members train hard, but more importantly they train together, staying together, achieving levels of fitness that are impossible to achieve outside the group. There are numerous parallels between CrossFit and supportive communities committed to getting and staying sober together.

Below is a real good article that goes into specifics to describe the incredible connection between Drug Rehab and CrossFit.

The Rehab That Knows CrossFit Can Help You Stay Sober

When CrossFit is combined with rigorous adventure therapy and a solid nutrition program is a much-needed change of pace from the traditional “classroom type setting” treatment facility.

The mere mention of CrossFit usually evokes a hard-core monologue about how it’s changed someone’s life. Whether you resist rolling your eyes at the friend who won’t stop gushing about Paleo (the “caveman diet” often adopted by hard core CrossFitters) or you are the friend who now swears by Paleo, the exercise’s increasing popularity is undeniable.

The notorious garage gyms are popping up everywhere. But will they soon be a common presence in rehabs for drug and alcohol addiction, too?

Although you’ve most likely heard of it by now, you still might not know exactly what the hell CrossFit actually is. If you think it’s just people with well-defined shoulders pushing big tires around while grunting, there’s actually more to it than that.

The original article by The Rock Recovery Center posted by "The Fix" on August 28th, 2016. To read the full article, click here.