Is This Teen Singer The Unlikely Meeting Point Between Jeff Buckley and Demi Lovato?

Is This Teen Singer The Unlikely Meeting Point Between Jeff Buckley and Demi Lovato?

Written by Craig Rogers, Posted on , in Section Therapy News

She Looks Like Demi Lovato But Is Channeling The Spirit Of Jeff Buckley

With the current state of pop music, it would be easy to start believing that there aren't any upcoming musicians who really put some soul into their songs. Almost everything we hear has the same heavy beat and repetitive lyrics about drinking, dancing, and teenage breakups, but there may still be some hope for the future of music in the form of Molly Kate Kestner. This Minnesota high school senior has been putting the songs she writes on Youtube for a while, but has only recently found a large audience with this song "His Daughter", and it's clear that she gets it. This isn't a girl who is aspiring to be the next Miley Cyrus. She is putting real emotion and meaning into her performance in a way that is strikingly reminiscent of the late Jeff Buckely. We can only hope that she continues down this path and lives up to the remarkable potential she displays in this video.

Finding Healthy Ways To Cope With Difficult Feelings

One thing that many great songs, and other works of art, have in common is that they spring from an attempt to cope with difficult emotions and traumatic events. Having a creative outlet when you are going through a difficult time can provide you with the strength and emotional release you need to stay sane. While we don't know Molly Kate Kestner's background or what she was going through when she wrote this song, it is obvious that she poured her emotions into this song. You can see in her face as she sings how meaningful the song is to her, and this is exactly what makes this performance great. It is utterly authentic, and this allows the audience to engage without reservation. This is exactly why there is an easy comparison to be made with Jeff Buckely. Anybody who listened to his music knew he really felt what he was singing about, and this same quality is obvious in Kestner. If Jeff Buckely is any indication, it seems likely that Kestner will go on to produce some fantastic music.