12 Ways Every Adult Would Be Happier If We'd Paid Better Attention To Sesame Street

12 Ways Every Adult Would Be Happier If We'd Paid Better Attention To Sesame Street

Written by Jori Meyer, Posted on , in Section Healing Humor

Everyone knows of Sesame Street, even if they've never watched it - they've heard of it. It was the most popular children's television show of it's time. Helping entertain and teach kids everywhere to count, interact with others, sing their abcs, you know, the works. Lesson packed episodes with jazzy music, an urban setting, and adorable monsters who talked and lived amongst humans. The following is 12 ways every adult would be happier if we'd paid better attention to sesame street, in other words, what skills the show taught us and we simply forgot to bring into our adult lives. 

1- Maintaining That Physical Love


My favorite lesson most of all is loving and caring for the body you've been given. How can so many of us seem to have skimmed past this totally obvious message? If you continue to exercise, eat an array of colorful foods, and drink plenty of water, you'll be equipped with a body to admire. As a kid, participating in sports or physical activities are things you want to do, you have all the time to do, but as you become an adult, getting exercise is something you have to schedule to do, think about preparing for and it often times can start slipping as other more pressing events ask for your time.

2- Eating All Those Fruits And Veggies


As for eating healthy, you can try your hardest to always eat a perfectly balanced meal, three times a day, with super vitamin packed, intensely measured out snacks in between but your mom probably isn't losing sleep about you not eating your veggies anymore now that you are an adult and man, those drive-thru burger joints are just so dang convenient.

3- Be Accepting Of Those People Different Than You


All shapes, pigments, heights were taught to be loved in this children's series simply because these small details are a part of you and that self confidence will be the foundation for almost every blossoming aspect of your life to come. Not only did Sesame Street teach kids to have a positive self image, they taught them to be accepting of everyone else around them and their different appearances such as a lighter skin tone or accented voice.

4- Strive To Be A Caring Neighbor, You Share A Playground


It doesn't matter how dirty, how loud or how musical your neighbor tended to be, the show wanted for you to thrive for a sense of community. It was your neighborly duty to care for the others that lived all around you, to make their problems your own, to help any way that you can and that's something that seriously lacks in this day and age. Starting and building relationships with the families sleeping less than a block away from you every night was a way to create a support system and if anything, trusting security. 

5- It's Okay To Slow Things Down A Tad


Does anyone else remember the mellow, long lashed Mr. Snuffleupagus? I thought he was just the cutest puppet ever to be seen in my little girl life. I often look back on that giant, fluffy guy when I'm searching for patience, weirdly enough. Maybe it's his go-with-the-flow shuffle or his long toned voice but Mr. Snuffleupagas will forever be my mental image of slowing the info down to get the point across. 

6- Moderation, Moderation, Moderation


7- Sharing

8- Change Is Unavoidable, Become Adaptable

9- Validate Your Feelings

10- Continuing Every Day Education TIL

11- Hygiene

12- Find Fun In The Little Things