Snippets of Womanly Advice for My Daughter

Snippets of Womanly Advice for My Daughter

Written by Jori Meyer, Posted on , in Section Happiness

1 - Root for other women, other men, other humans in general.

2 - Dysfunctional families can be found in any type of home.

3 - Be where you are. Weird thing to hear right? But really. Be mentally aware of your surroundings, your company, yourself and the present.

4 - It’s totally okay to start the day with a bubble bath.

5 - Stay away from crocs, drawn on eyebrows and garage tattoo shops.

6 - Screw taking love seriously, take commitment seriously. I want you to love over and over again, always falling and with your heart placed right there on your sleeve. Love strangers, animals, plants.

7 - If you don’t have the money for an extravagant gift, bake or make something. Maybe even draw a quick picture of them, I can promise you that it’ll be the thought that counts.

8 - ”Doesn't matter how juicy or sweet you are, someone will always hate peaches.”

9 - It’s okay to not know something but always be open to educating yourself.

10 - Tall girls can wear high heels too.

11 - Just because it zips doesn’t mean it fits.

12 - Own your emotions and recognize mood swings, they are not burdens for others to have to put up with.

13 - Always try to stay in touch with your brother, he was your first best friend so remember that.

14 - Take care of your teeth, I cannot stress this enough.

15 - Usually, if you tell one lie - you’ll need 20 more to cover up the first. Lying is exhausting and never worth it, try your hardest not to.

16 - Empower other women, don’t tear them down.

17 - Make thank you cards a habit, nothing like simple acts of gratitude make your character glow warm and polite.

18 - I want you to know that there are as many different body types as there is shades of blue.

19 - Embrace the power your hair holds - it can make or break a mug shot.

20 - You don’t have to like yoga.

21 - Or whipped coffees.

22 - Or all pink everything, because all colors are for everyone.

23 - Please, please, please go outside. Let nature be your first love.

24 - It’s okay if you don’t make lifelong friends, try anyways.

25 - Your house is not a museum, it is a home. It is where people live, love and grow. Do not waste your time constantly straightening things and making everything look perfect just because someone MIGHT stop by.

26 - There’s almost never an excuse to wear pajamas in public. Pulling a dress over your head is just as easy. If you disagree, you don’t know about the right dresses and we should probably go shopping.

27 - Eye contact can be uncomfortable, I get it. But it’s vital for proper communication so make it a point to acknowledge the person you are conversing with using your eyeballs.

28 - Remember that the car does pull over. If you’re tired, if you drop something, if there’s a batch of pretty roses begging to be sniffed.

29 - Exfoliate in moderation.

30 - Always be loyal, few things in life are more important than that.

31 - “Better to be a smart ass than a dumb ass.”

32 - When you are in the middle of a conversation with someone and you run out of things to say, start asking them questions about themselves. Everyone loves talking about themselves.

33 - Remember quirky little details about everyone you talk to. Not only will it help with the questions, it’ll set you apart from the every day “hows-the-weather” small talk.

34 - Host extravagantly.

35 - “Always pick up worms off the pavement and put them on the grass. They’re having a bad day, and they’re good for… the earth or something (ask Daddy more about this; am a bit sketchy).” - Caitlin Moran

36 - Learn to say no without an explanation.

37 - Have a good collection of hats because there will be mornings your hair sucks so much.

38 - Don’t “half-ass” hugs or handshakes.

39 - Know that beauty has everything to do with how you feel about yourself and nothing to do with looks or other people’s opinions.

40 - Learn to take compliments with a simple thank you.

41 - When entering a dog’s home in a dress, be sure to greet them on their level first upon arrival. Just trust me on this one.

42 - The measure of your goodness is not the amount of love you receive, it is the quality of love you give to others.

43 - Only suckers pay for extended warranties.

44 - It's insane what a good pedicure will cure.

45 - Do not lend money, gift if you can spare. There is nothing worse than someone avoiding you because they can’t pay you back when they hoped. Eliminate that tension.

46 - You should know how to cook at least one impressive meal.

47 - When or if you become a mom, be kind and gentle to other moms. It’s a hard gig and we all need support anywhere we can get it. It’s not a competition.

48 - If he comes on a motorcycle, he has to give your dad a ride first.

49 - There is nothing weak about feminine.

50 - Always have one clean joke on hand.

51 - Life is too short to not order fries.

52 - Change your own tire, build your own fire, and check your own oil or at least know how to.

53 - You can never wear too many rings.

54 - Just so you know. Saying nasty, hurtful things to people is not being honest - that’s just being mean.

55 - Try not to put all your eggs in any one basket when making big life decisions…except obviously in a relationship. One basket is good.

56 - Dancing usually helps. Pull yourself up off the floor of the shower, smack on some lippystick and make yourself dance out the sadness. If that doesn't help, I’ll bring over tea.

57 - Unless you are playing a game, there’s no point in keeping score.

58 - Have only one trustworthy person you vent to about your life, any more than that is excessive and grounds for gossiping.

59 - Nice girls do get STDs. Be educated about sex, be safe about sex and respect the intimacy of having sex. It is not something to be taken lightly and I’m always here, ready to talk about any questions, thoughts, concerns you have.

60 - Listen to other perspectives, don’t assume you know.

61 - Don’t go out on a date or an outing without enough money in your pocket to get you home if needed.

62 - Ignore the naysayers, panties are always optional - nobody loves a pantyline.

63 - High school is not a time to find a groom, if anything it's a time to find future bridesmaids.

64 - Wear sunscreen all day, all year.

65 - Learn that comfort can be found in silence.

66 - Carbs are not the enemy.

67 - Before you chop off all your hair, try bangs first.

68 - So help me, if you do not tip your hairdresser.