The Internet: A Way To Channel Grief Without Shame

The Internet: A Way To Channel Grief Without Shame

Written by Jori Meyer, Posted on , in Section Turn For The Better

Tragic, embarrassing, life consuming events can and will happen in your life time. I've recently stumbled across a website called the "Experience Project", it's a place that people can go to share stories or experiences in their lives with others that have been through the same thing or something similar. It's a safe place to to freely share the burden, find consolation and learn how to cope through just about anything.

"I was in a car accident, July 2008. It was a fatal accident and I was the cause. It was a beautiful summer day and I was on my way to the lake. I have no idea what happened, but my car crossed the center line and I hit someone head-on. They did not survive. No, I was not drunk, on the cellphone or on drugs. No one knows why I crossed into the other lane. I am having problems with the fact that I killed someone even though it was an accident. How do I forgive myself and move on? I do not know anyone who was the cause of a fatal accident and I need support."

This was a submission to the forum, followed by 33 responses of others going through the same thing. These people offered uplifting support, advice, and encouragement to help this person cope. There were comments that were relating on such a deep level that shame is no where to be found. This kind of judgement free interaction was mind blowing to me. The thought of having so many people come together in the form of a community through misfortune and life trials can only be a boon to everyone.

Can The Internet Strengthen Our Support Networks?

How neat has communication become in this age of technology? We are now able to sit behind a username and reach out for help, without the blushing of the cheeks, when relaying our story. Being able to do this almost completely eliminates any feelings of being afraid to discuss sensitive, hard topics. I feel it's beneficial for us as a society to have this outlet for those who need it, that it will prevent the damage guilt and invasive thoughts can have on a person. If anything, the internet has given us the power to strengthen ourselves, overcome and cope, and find contentment in somewhat of an easy access community.