4 Signs That Your Teen May Be Abusing Drugs

4 Signs That Your Teen May Be Abusing Drugs

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Drug Abuse Is Growing Among Teens

With drug abuse becoming an increasingly large problem among teens, it is becoming more important than ever for parents to know what the signs are that their child may have developed an issue with substance abuse. If you notice some of the signs discussed below, it is essential that you seek out help. Without professional assistance, simple experimentation with drugs can quickly blossom into a full addiction. Don't let this happen to your teen when help is available through treatment programs.

Signs Of Drug Abuse You Need To Watch For

1 - Dropping grades - Teens who have started experimenting with drugs will often spend much less time focusing on their studies and their grades generally reflect this. If you notice a sudden drop in your son or daughter's classroom performance, make sure you find out what is causing them to suddenly struggle.

2 - Missing money - Drugs are expensive, and if your teenager is developing a drug abuse problem you will probably notice money left around the house going missing. If you start to notice this trend, make sure you confront your teen about the missing money and make them tell you why they needed it in the first place.

3 - Skipping school - Teens involved in substance abuse will often develop a negative peer group and start missing school frequently. Luckily, the school should notify you if your son or daughter begins missing class regularly. Make it clear that skipping school is not acceptable and make sure you get answers about what they were doing when they should have been in class.

4 - Lack of energy or general poor health - Substance abuse can have a very negative impact on someone's health, and this is particularly true for teenagers as their bodies are still developing. If you notice health problems in your teen, make sure you get them the medical attention they need and start asking questions about what could be causing these issues.


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