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Signs of Teen Depression


Early signs of teen depression can be difficult to identify because they are so similar to the occasional irritability, feelings of hopelessness and the inability to feel pleasure or happiness that's common in teenagers. Symptoms such as insomnia, panic attacks, delusions or hallucinations can indicate extreme teen depression or depression that has been present for an extended amount of time. Sever cases of teen depression should be identified and treated immediately. Therapy Insider offers family advocates for parents seeking the help of therapeutic treatment for their depressed sons and daughters.

Many teens become temporarily depressed when things don't go exactly as they had planned or when a teen recognizes their patterns for making poor decision after poor decision. However, when a depressed mood lingers and begins to interfere with everyday living it may be the sign of a severe condition of depression. Major teen depression limits teens' abilities to function normally. Teenagers with major depression are often times described as becoming negative and antisocial. Feelings of wanting to leave home or not being understood are developed and teens become more restless, grouchy, and aggressive. A hesitation to cooperate in family activities, and withdrawal from social activities are frequent in depressed teens. School difficulties are likely as depression affects one's ability to concentrate. Sometimes teens neglect their personal appearance and emotions increase drastically. Increased use of alcohol or other drugs is common for depressed teens, along with other forms of "self-destructive behaviors" and poor self-esteems.

If a teen begins displaying the behaviors of someone battling with depression it is crucial for parents to understand that there is help available and to act on it immediately. Depression in teens is a treatable illness. Each case of depression is unique, so people may require different treatment strategies than others. With the proper diagnosis and treatment, a troubled teen struggling with depression can acquire a healthy lifestyle.

Therapy Insider Offers Advocacy for Parents Whose Troubled Teens are Displaying Signs of Teen Depression

There are numerous treatment options for parents of depressed teens to choose from. Therapy Insider has expert child placement specialists who also offer advocacy for discouraged parents. Our child placement specialists provide parents of troubled teens with support and direction while searching for the proper treatment for their struggling sons and struggling daughters.