Is The Transformation Of American Families Changing The Nature Of Home Life?

Is The Transformation Of American Families Changing The Nature Of Home Life?

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It's no secret that what is considered the normal American family has been changing dramatically over the past several decades. Many people can remember when a family meant a married man and woman who were the same race and religion Some of the most notable of these changes include the rise in popularity of unmarried cohabitation, dropping birthrates, increased acceptance of homosexual and interracial relationships, increased frequency of second and third marriages, and a huge jump in the number of children born to unmarried parents. A recent article in the New York Times outlines how dramatic this change has been, stating "The rise of the cohabiting couple is another striking feature of the evolving American family: From 1996 to 2012, the number jumped almost 170 percent, to 7.8 million from 2.9 million." Because all of these changes have occurred over a relatively short period of time, there is rising concern among some groups about how this increasingly diverse experience of home life will impact our country.

Does Family Makeup Change Family Dynamics?

While the changes to the american family have occured quickly and are rather dramatic, it is important to remember that any fears about wide ranging harmful effects are very likely without merit. Social scientists and researchers have found overwhelming evidence that suggers that even when the makeup of families changes, the overall family dynamic stays very similar to what you would find in a more traditional household. With this in mind, it seems clear that opening up our culture to accept these new types of families is the best choice we can make for our future.

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