A Fathers Beautiful Photos Document Autistic Sons Interactions with the World

A Fathers Beautiful Photos Document Autistic Sons Interactions with the World

Written by Craig Rogers, Posted on , in Section Inspirational

Parents of kids with autism know that their kids see the world a little bit differently from the rest of us. And while, of course, at times this can mean having to deal with behavior that can be difficult to manage, we know that love and understanding will get us through it. However, there is a candor that parents of kids with autism can often speak with that can seem disarming sometimes.

That's why when Timothy Archibald describes the behavior of his autistic son, Elijah, as 'annoying', it sounds a little bit harsh. But think for a second, it's not just parents of autistic children that feel this way. Our sense of propriety often leads us to fulfill the social contract and to speak only in niceties with regard to our children, but they do often behave in annoying ways. There's much more overlap in the shared experiences of parents of kids with autism, and other families. The bonds of love and the sense of wanting a bright future for your children are universal.

Timothy Archibald began documenting these so-called 'annoying' behaviors exhibited by his son when he was 5 years old. HIs son has a love of repetition, mechanical objects and often feels socially withdrawn. But he does enjoy the sense of reward he gets from being the subject of his father's photos, and now collaborates with his father to find new settings and poses. He's even taking pictures of his own. Click here to see more of Timothy and Elijah's photos.

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