Cigarettes Your Teen Can Buy: e-Cigs

Cigarettes Your Teen Can Buy: e-Cigs

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There has been much speculation over the use of tobacco since its harmful effects were discovered over 100 years ago.

Smoking and tobacco use in general is extremely common all over the world, but as we have become more observant of the health risks, smoking sales have been slowly going down.

Smoking, and its second hand effects, have led to many areas not allowing smoking indoors. That, along with other laws, was intended to help our population become more health-conscious and slowly snuff out the use of tobacco products.

But in 2003, the e-cig would come out, and allow anyone to smoke anywhere they chose without disturbing those around them.

Vape pens are a flavored vapor based e-cigarettes, which work with a liquid and an electronic filament to produce vapor. The long term health affects of e-cigarettes is still to be determined, but is commonly used to reduce tobacco use and is considered a healthy alternative.

In many cases nationwide you are even allowed to use e-cigarettes indoors and within close proximity to other people. Odorless and possibly harmless, so what’s the big deal?

What Is It And Should It Be Regulated?

Many of the liquids used are flavor based only, and don’t actually have any nicotine; but does this make it safe? Like energy drinks with alcohol, e-cig liquids could be hiding a whole bunch of things we don't realize. The product you’re buying without doing the necessary research could be just as detrimental as regular tobacco based cigarettes.

Regulations for e-cigs have not been fully implemented, and can be easy for youths to obtain. The Internet facilitates the use of e-cigs, as they can be bought and sold online with little regulation. Several states have gone on to pass laws, and ordinances, requiring the same control be put over electronic based nicotine delivery devices as with cigarettes. 

However, sales of these vape pens have been unhindered and continue to fly off the shelves attracting teens and young adults. This has many health officials seriously concerned as more teens use them, especially where in some schools more students have tried them than haven’t. Vape pens, e-cigs, and e-hookahs have many health officials believing that these young people will graduate to their tobacco based counterpart.

Personally, I believe e-cigs and products like it are extremely good for the most part. In many cases these products have proven to help its benefactors quit smoking all together, and was originally produced in China, with labeling, as a new product for smoking cessation. Though I believe this new trend with vape pens, etc. to be more beneficial than traditional smoking,

I still feel that it should be regulated just as if it were a pack of cigarettes. It’s easier now than it has been for the last fifty years for teens to get a hold of nicotine based products. Since they’re sold online, a credit card payment away and any teen could be filling their lungs with a very addictive substance.

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