90 percent of Americans Say They Believe in An Afterlife

90 percent of Americans Say They Believe in An Afterlife

Written by Cristo Rogers, Posted on , in Section The Latest

90% of Americans Say They Believe in An Afterlife 

Do you believe in an afterlife? Do you scoff at the notion of 'you-only-living-once?' Do you believe that this life is merely the first stop in a wondrous cosmic journey? If so, Don't be ashamed to say yes as you are among the 90% of your fellow Americans who believe in the 'hereafter.'

For many of us, faith in an afterlife can largely be attributed to the countless stories of near-death experiences we have heard time and time again. Generally, these experiences often share somewhat similar accounts of a person transcending into an unknown state of existence after being pronounced legally dead.

Near-death accounts of the afterlife vary substantially in what the near-diseased experiences, ranging from seeing dead relatives to transcending one's own, body. However, one commonality is shared among those who claim to have seen the afterlife: every experience is unexplainable and defies all logical, scientific reasoning.

With unexplainable afterlife experiences being well documented in today's viral-happy culture, the compelling evidence is plentiful enough to make us question -- can there truly be something to this unexplainable phenomena, despite its defiance of scientific knowledge?

Or do we dismiss the possibility of an afterlife because anything and everything can eventually be explained by science?  In other words, do we throw the spiritual baby out with the supernatural bathwater? As it usually goes with anything even remotely related to spiritual phenomena, the ambiguity of the scientifically unexplained is left for the individual to believe, or disbelieve. 

The Case for Life After Death Gains Strength From Its Massively Compelling Number of "Experiencers" From All Parts of the Globe

 Before you rule out these unexplainable, globally shared, near-death experiences as lies told by fame-seekers desperate for attention. And before you dismiss these people as greedy hacks whom merely seek to exploit the gullible masses with a fabricated, paranormal tell-all for financial gain, you must first consider the sheer numbers of those who claim to have had experienced the afterlife. Logically, one might even argue that it would be naive to dismiss 15 million people who say they have experienced the pull of the proverbial (and at times, literal) 'white light.'

...That's correct, that is 15 million, with an "M," who claim to have experienced life after legally dying. Personally, I find it hard to imagine such a large number of people (separated by race, age, religion, and even oceans) retelling the same lie time and time ( add 15,000,000 more times) again.

As an agnostic 20-something myself, I find it both liberating and relieving to take a leap of faith and perceive these millions of people's stories as actual evidence that this life is just the beginning of an interdimensional, cosmic journey, one that we may never fully understand through scientific means nor imaginably conceive without experiencing death, ourselves, firsthand. 

As far as whether there is or isn't an afterlife to look forward to, read all you can on the subject before dismissing it altogether. The following article is further exploration of the theoretical afterlife. To quote the great Albert Einstein, "It is important to question everything."

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