10 Signs Your Creepy Co-worker Is Actually A Sociopath

10 Signs Your Creepy Co-worker Is Actually A Sociopath

Written by Craig Rogers, Posted on , in Section Editors Picks

Do you have a creepy coworker that just doesn't seem quite right? Maybe they seem so off kilter you've started to wonder if their is really something wrong with them. If so, you should be aware that recent studies have indicated that sociopaths are much more common than was previously thought and being able to spot them could save you from having a serious problem. These signs should give you a good idea of whether your coworker is actually a sociopath or just a strange guy.

1 - Frequent Lying and Manipulation 

A sociopath will never hesitate to lie or manipulate those around them for personal advantage. If your coworker is constantly making up stories for his own advantage, then it could be a sign that they are a sociopath.

2 - Highly intelligent 

Generally, sociopaths have a higher than average degree of intelligence. The will use this intelligence to their own advantage and try to manipulate those around them. 

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3 - Completely Lack Empathy 

Sociopaths are incapable of feeling empathy. A sociopath will never hesitate to act in a way that would harm another person if they stand to gain and aren't going to be subject to any consequences.

4 - Never Show Signs of Guilt 

Sociopaths don't have a conscience like a normal person. If your coworker is a sociopath, they will never display any sign of guilt unless they are pretending for the sake of avoiding some consequences.

5 - No Hesitation In Breaking Social Norms 

The norms of society will mean nothing to a sociopath. This isn't proof of sociopathy alone, but it can be an important sign if you've already noticed some of the other indicators in your coworker.

6 - Frequently Act Impulsively

A sociopath will often fail to consider the potential impact of their actions. This can take many forms, but you should observe an overall trend of impulsivity if your coworker is a true sociopath.

7 - Extreme Ego 

Because they don't care for anybody else, sociopaths will often have an extremely high opinion of themselves. If your coworker is a sociopath, he will probably act as if he is the center of the universe.

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8 - Many Acquaintances But Few Friends 

Sociopaths have no desire for friends. They only see people as means of achieving their goals.

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9 - A Strangely Intense Gaze

One peculiarity of sociopaths is the way they make eye contact. A normal person will often feel uncomfortable making direct eye contact with a person for a long period of time. Sociopaths however will not hesitate to maintain eye contact throughout a conversation.

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10 - Frequent Displays of Anger

Individuals who are sociopaths will often have a great deal of trouble suppressing their anger. You may notice frequent angry outbursts in situations where another person would simply contain their feelings.