One Mom's Journey Linking Autism to Vaccination

One Mom's Journey Linking Autism to Vaccination

Written by Craig Rogers, Posted on , in Section Family Matters

Knowing The Risks, The Facts, and Parental Rights Regarding Vaccines

There is a great deal said on both sides of the autism-vaccine link, especially on Social Media. Regardless of what side you take, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of parents who are completely convinced that there is a direct link between their child's autism and the vaccines they were given.

It is my humble opinion that we should listen to parents who support "parental choice,", and we should refrain from dismissing their views outright. They are not speaking up or speaking out because they have extra time on their hands. They are not expressing opinions for the fun of it. They have real experiences and painful outcomes. 

Whether you believe that vaccines cause autism, or not, we should listen to the experiences of parents with autistic children. Vaccine's are certainly not the lone cause of autism, but until we know more, or know for certain, we should at least be empathetic and genuinely open to hearing their point of view.  There are many who believe their family has been harmed by vaccines.

There are many who believe that their child's life have been destroyed by vaccines. These parents speak up because they don't want other families to experience what they've experienced. They don't want to see other children have their potential stolen out from under them.

Why Should We Listen? Because We Might Learn Something!

By listening we at least honor their experience, and might even educate ourselves. How can we lose by knowing more about the possible link between vaccines and autims? We should all know facts, the possible risks, and we should absolutely know our rights as parents.

Cathy Jameson shared her experience on the, a website dedicated to providing information about possible links between autism and vaccines. The Age of Autism is known as a daily web-based newspaper dedicated to bringing awareness of the Autism Epidemic.

Those behind The Age of Autism website believe autism is an environmentally induced illness, it is treatable, and that children can recover. They believe mainstream media is not interested in their point of view, and they won't investigate the possible connections between vaccines and autims. 

If I was a parent of an autistic child and I witnessed an autistic regression of my child after he or she was vaccinated, I would speak out. I would feel compelled to warn as many parents as I could - wouldn't you?  But what if people were not listening? What if the mainstream media didn't seem to care? What would you do? How far would you take it to expose the possible link between autism and vaccines?

There are thousands of people who believe that autism is man-made and therefore preventable. Below is an article I believe that you will find interesting, helpful, and enlightening. My only hope is to bring awareness, and to amplfy the voices of those unheard.

"Writing the Wrongs," by Cathy Jameson posted recently on Age of Autism

"The kind of autism my child has isn’t easy.  Having started out life typically developing, it was shocking to see my child tumble onto the spectrum as hard as he did.  Now at 13 years old, Ronan’s unable to speak and toilet on his own.  He’s prone to wander.  Despite being on anti-epileptic medication, he still has seizures.  Despite years of therapy, he’s still very delayed.  Despite all the hardships, I hang onto hope that some good will come from our family’s autism and vaccine experience."

Read Cathy's full article

Link between Vaccines and Autism: "The autism epidemic is real, and execessive vaccinations are the cause."