Are These Factors Driving Your Son To Have Sex Before He is Ready?

Are These Factors Driving Your Son To Have Sex Before He is Ready?

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In recent decades, teens have started engaging in sexual activity at increasingly young ages. Many people have attributed this towards changes in cultural attitudes and the norms that children and teens are exposed to. However, a recent study has suggested that it is possible to be much more specific in identifying the potential risk factors that increase the likelihood of this behavior. If you are a parent who is worried about your teen having sex too early, then these should give you a good idea of the potential factors they are being exposed to that might make this more likely.

Experts Suggest That These Are Indicators Of Potential Early Sexual Activity

1 - Low sense of self-worth - When teens have a low sense of self-worth or self-esteem, they can seek validation through sexual activity.

2 - Strained relationship with parents - This is a risk factor that can be controlled. If you strengthen your relationship with your teen, it becomes less likely that they will engage in sex.

3 - Watching excessive amounts of television - This is another risk factor that can be controlled if parents are vigilant about monitoring their teen's behavior. 

4 - ADHD - The study suggests that this is a major risk factor. Teens afflicted with ADHD are much more likely to have sex at a young age.

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