6 Things Parents Should Know About A Drug Called Molly

6 Things Parents Should Know About A Drug Called Molly

Written by Craig Rogers, Posted on , in Section Parenting On Purpose

A young girl heads out for a night out with friends to a concert, when they arrive, they start dancing a little and having a good time. When the opening band is finished, they head to the bathroom to freshen up. One of her friends then opens her purse to reveal a small bag of white powder. Her friend convinces her that it's just a Molly, that it's safer than Ecstasy, and that it will help her have a really good time. Several of the girls quickly parachute some by rolling it in toilet paper and quickly swallowing it. Although she has never taken anything like this before, she doesn’t want to seem uncool. After putting it on her tongue, she slowly swallows the bitter substance. They head back out to hear the next band, and quickly the effects of the “Molly” begin to come out. Everything was amplified, the music, the dancing, she felt great. Then the effects began to get stronger and she starts to feel funny, her friends were the same way, stumbling they suddenly become overpowered by the drug.

The next part is a blur, she wakes up to her mother sitting next to her in a hospital bed. It had been a couple of days since the concert and she wasn’t really aware of what was going on. Unfortunately for her, the the substance she had taken at the concert was not just pure MDMA, but a mixture of bath salts, and meth. Two of her friends had not been so lucky and had died from overdose.  It's important to keep an open dialogue with teens about the effects of drugs. Although some drugs are advertised as safe, anytime you alter with the chemistry in the body it can have unintended consequences.

1. What is a Molly

It is suppose to be a pure form of (3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine) or MDMA, the same active ingredient in Ecstasy. Some feel that a Molly is mostly just a rebranding of Ecstasy from drug dealers because of all the negative publicity Ecstasy has received about being cut with other substances.

2. The chemical compounds can vary widely

Although a Molly is suppose to be the pure form of MDMA the problem is that those that make it can put whatever they want in it. The chemicals can vary so widely such as aspirin, caffeine, bath salts, methamphetamine, and even cocaine. Some forms may not even contain any MDMA at all. Also, soon as the chemicals are identified and banned by the government, the formula is just modified and no longer falls under the category of a controlled substance. Because of the variety in products, users can have no idea what they’re actually putting in their bodies.

3. In what forms does Molly come

The most common form is in a pill or capsule, they are easy to transport, consume, and purchase. They can also be found as a powder, or blotting paper, like LSD, and even in injectable form. Because of the bitter taste a common technique is to parachute the drug by rolling it up in toilet paper and swallow swallowing.

4. What are the effects or a Molly

A pure Molly creates an intensified experience of lights and music and dilates the pupils. It can impair judgement decisions, cause the heart to race, and constrict the blood vessels. Scientists have determined that MDMA has no real significant health purpose and is designed for recreational use only.

5. Who uses Molly

Although it’s unclear, studies suggest Molly usages is most commonly found in youth between 16 and 24. Those that live in the suburbs or go to college are also more likely to use the drug. Most use it casually, at either raves, concerts, or illegal warehouse parties.

6. Dangers of using Molly

If users of Molly don’t drink enough water dehydration can become a real threat. The consequences of decisions while on the drug can also become a problem because of impairment. The bigger threat is taking a Molly that contains other unknown chemicals. By not knowing exactly what you could be taking is like playing a game of Russian Roulette, with your health.