Its So Easy To Forget How Simple Life Can Be

Its So Easy To Forget How Simple Life Can Be

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 Can We Live A Simple Life In Today's World?

We live in a pretty complicated world. As humans, we’re smarter than we’ve ever been and technology makes advances each and every day. When we go out in public, we’re bombarded with all kinds of noise, from advertising to music in the car to our cell phones and we never have time to just sit in solitude and think (or meditate or whatever phrase you want to use).

Hannah Engelkamp went on an adventure to see what life was like without all those things that make life so crazy. She says about herself: “I am a travel writer and editor, but I also like making little films, drawing illustrations, and monkeying about with websites.” Her most recent project, titled “Going For A Walk Could Save The World,” Hannah wanted to remind herself of what’s truly important in life. She embarked on a 1000 mile walk around Wales with only a donkey as company.       



She talks more about her adventure on her blog: "It strikes me as so obvious that the things that are good for me are also the things that are good for the planet, and so the desire to confront environmental issues on an individual basis can just as well – or better – be motivated by enjoyment and self interest as by guilt."