Cyber Life Is The Best Life

Cyber Life Is The Best Life

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Winter has come. And while nature seems to have slowed your children probably already have. Let’s face it the cold can be quite miserable, and during the winter we tend to want to hermit up and do the least possible. Going outside, can be extremely treacherous and if we don’t want to go out and be active, how can we expect our kids too? Video games are the ultimate solution to a miserable time outdoors.

The dormant coma that is video games, is much more attractive than facing the brutal elements outside. The instant gratification of video games makes for a much better childhood than anything outside. You can’t get hurt physically if you never do anything physical.

Why Should Adventures Require Pants

Charlie an advocate for video games in an interview said, “I have all the friends and adventures I could possibly need.” In a warm and comfortable environment his imagination and creativity take flight, unhindered by unfavorable weather conditions. His mom caters to his needs and he is cyber dating several women via skype and various forums such as reddit. “My dad used to tell me stories of socializing with real people, of places he’d seen and things he’d done. He stopped relaying these stories when I explained to him the power of the Internet.” Imagine the wonderful stories Charlie will be able to tell his cyber children of his awesome adventures through time, space and fantasy.

When I was growing up my father would take me out on ice fishing and snowboarding trips. I would meet some of the strangest and most interesting people from all over the world. I was encouraged also by my parents to travel, visiting such countries as Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. All of which have summer during the winter here. Again the adventures were exciting, the people interesting, but nothing could compare to slaying an elder dragon, through the endless portal that was my computer screen.

If you find your kid going outside too much, take the time to sit him down in front of the T.V. What kind of parent would you be, if you let him miss out on a good and healthy childhood? Winter is the best time to start. Naturally we’re inclined to stay indoors because of the cold. But some people believe there is too much fun to be had sledding, building snow forts, snowboarding, and ice fishing. Technically active children are healthier physically and socially but who wants a kid that leaves to go play with his friends?

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