Manic Depression
This is a condition that results in mental instability, with those afflicted experiencing wild swings between depression and ecstatic happiness. Those dealing with this condition will have a great deal of difficulty maintaining any kind of emotional equilibrium.
Manic Episode
Periods of extreme energy, happiness, or enthusiasm that punctuate depressive episodes in those with bipolar disorder.
A drug that is generally smoked or eaten and has a psychological effect. It is thought to have a negative impact on memory when consumed regularly and can cause extreme anxiety in some individuals.
A mental condition in which a person enjoys being hurt. This will often drive a person to seek out dangerous and harmful situations to satisfy this need.
Also known as ecstasy, this drug is often associated with parties and concerts.
A mental exercise that is meant to relieve stress and anxiety. This is a traditional element of many religions.
Mental Disorder
A chronic problem that involves a persons mood, emotions, or overall state of mind. These often require professional help to overcome.
Mental Health
An individual's ability to regulate their emotions and react to their environment in a healthy manner.
Mental Health Treatment Programs
Therapeutic programs that are specifically designed to improve the mental health of participants and help them come to terms with any disorders they have been struggling with.
Mental Illness Stigma
The general attitude of disdain that many cultures or individuals have to those with mental health problems. This is one of the major obstacles to many people seeking out the treatment they need.
Mental Retardation
A lack of mental development caused by a congenital disorder.
Mental Status
A persons mood and emotional state. This can be effected by events and any mental disorders that exist.
A dangerous stimulant that can be made up of a variety of household ingredients.
A drug that is often used as a treatment to those going through withdrawal from heroin. It can also be abused however.
Milieu Therapy
A form of group therapy that uses community involvement and shared responsibility to encourage individuals who had been struggling to make better choices and get their lives back on track.
Military Boarding Schools
Schools meant to bring about improvements in the behavior of children and teens which also include a military element.
A slang term for the generation of people born around the year 2000.
A bias against or active persecution of females. This is common in some societies and cultures.
Consuming a substance, such as alcohol, in small and controlled amounts. This is the safest method of ingesting intoxicating substances.
The overall emotional state that a person is experiencing.
Motivation Issues
When a person has difficulty accomplishing necessary tasks in their life. There can be a variety of reasons behind a person developing this problem.
A plant that is often consumed with the goal of causing hallucinations. This can be dangerous, as users and completely unaware of possible dangers in the world around them and may act in a reckless manner. In addition, it is unknown what long-term impact use of mushrooms might have on the brain.