An emotion that is characterized by either grief or unhappiness. This is a normal part of the spectrum of human emotions but can become a problem when experienced chronically due to mental health issues.
Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors
Know as SSRI's, this is a group of drugs that is meant to increase the amount of serotonin present in the brain. The intention of this treatment is to improve the mental and physical state of those suffering from depression.
Self-Destructive Behavior
Actions that have a negative short or long-term impact on the physical or mental health of an individual. Some of the most common of these include drug use, violence, and truancy.
Self-Directed Learning
An educational style in which the student is allowed to focus on areas that are of interest to them. This type of education has been growing in popularity recently.
The process of trying to overcome difficulties and setbacks while gaining new skills and increased mental health.
When a person harms themselves intentionally. This can be chronic, such as cutting behavior, or a suicide attempt.
Separation Anxiety Disorder
A condition that causes a great deal of stress to individuals when they are separated from familiar individuals or in new surroundings.
A chemical that is vital to healthy brain function. Having a serotonin deficit is a common reason for depression.
Sexual Compulsivity
When a person is constantly driven to engage in sex or sexual behavior. This is a form of sex addiction.
Sexual Identity
The way in which a person relates to their sexuality and gender role. This can be a frequent problem for individuals when their sexual identity does not conform to the cultural norm.
Sleep Disorders
A number of different problems that a person can experience which make sleep difficult.
A street name for the drug heroin
Sober Coaches
Individuals that are trained to provide support and encouragement to individuals who are attempting to remain sober after leaving rehab treatment facility.
Sober Living
The choice to live free of the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any other mind altering substances. This is often necessary for former addicts seeking to avoid relapse.
Social Anxiety Disorder
A nervous disorder that is characterized by extreme discomfort in public situations and around new people. In extreme cases, this can lead to a person become a recluse and rejecting contact with the outside world.
Social Development
The process by which a person learns who to relate to their peers in a healthy way and begins to form lasting emotional attachments.
Social Media
Online peer interaction through websites like Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter. This has become incredibly popular in the last 10 years, particularly among teenagers.
A condition in which a person experiences pain or other types of discomfort in parts of the body despite there being no medical explanation.
Special Education Programs
Programs that specialize in assisting those with developmental or learning disorders in furthering their education.
A street term for amphetamine.
A new drug that is marketed as an alternative to marijuana. It is legal to buy but not consume, making it easily available to teenagers.
A widely used drug that boosts testosterone with the goal of gaining additional muscle. Most commonly used by athletes, this drug can have serious side effects including higher cancer risk, increased blood pressure, and hormonal imbalance.
Stress Cutting
A self-harm behavior that often emerges in troubled teens who are dealing with depression and other issues. This is particularly dangerous as teens can become addicted to self-harm, making it inevitable that they will eventually cause serious and lasting damage to their health.
A situation or person who increases the amount of stress an individual is experiencing.
Struggling Teen
A person between the ages of 13 and 19 who is experiencing difficulties that they have been unable to resolve independently.
Struggling Youth
A young person who has been experiencing issues ranging from trouble in school to violence or substance abuse.
Substance Abuse
The act of using drugs in a way that is causing mental and physical harm. Substance abuse will often eventually result in addiction.
The act of ending one's own life. Often this decision is driven by the experience of mental illness or extremely traumatic events.
Support Group
A social network of people dealing with similar problems. These are meant to offer guidance and encouragement with the goal of long-term recovery.
The noticeable results of an illness or disorder. It is generally symptoms that allow clinicians to make a patients initial diagnosis.
A mental or physical condition that is congenital.
System of Care
The overall group of services that are meant to guide an individual through the recovery process.