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Boarding Schools in Northern, CA

The top boarding schools near Northern, CA for troubled teens use positive peer culture and experiential learning as their therapeutic approach.  If you are a parent of a troubled teenager and you are looking into boarding schools, we can help.  


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Our job is to help you find an affordable educational option that provides intensive therapy. For immediate help, call us. Our Educational Consultants can help you find a top school offering scholarships and discounts.

The top boarding schools use "positive peer culture" to bring about positive changes. Positive peer culture is the theory that states "students grow when given a chance to choose their behavior for the right reasons".  When troubled teens are respected, heard, and treated with dignity, they have a greater chance at following adult leadership.

In a positive peer culture, the staff has convinced the top students to authentically live by a set of powerful core values (truth, respect, honor, hard work, accountability, and personal responsibility).  These top students from Northern, CA then help incoming students to live by the positive values of the student-led culture. If you are interested in enrolling your child in a boarding school for troubled boys or girls call 888-984-6879.

The best boarding schools for troubled teens in Northern, CA are evidence-based programs that offer positive peer culture, experiential therapy, prosocial recreational activities, leadership development, emotional intelligence development, athletics, and community service.  Parents report that the schools that integrate "parent coaching" and "aftercare support" are the best programs available.

Most boarding schools for troubled boys and troubled girls in Northern, CA is privately owned and operated by educators and clinicians. The best schools are owner-operated boarding schools led by dedicated educators. The boarding schools that seem to struggle the most (upset parents) are run and operated by behavioral health corporations (these "corporate" schools are bigger, less intimate).  

The best boarding schools for teens are referred to parents by educational consultants, child placing agencies, as well as private practice practitioners or behavioral health organizations (therapists, marriage and family counselors, substance abuse treatment programs, school guidance counselors, psychologists, intensive outpatient centers, and psychiatrists).

Adolescent Boarding Schools near Northern, CA

The premier boarding schools for struggling boys and girls in Northern, CA have developed a therapeutic program to help teenagers overcome emotional and behavioral issues that negatively affect academic performance.  

These teens have gone astray and are making poor personal choices and refuse to take responsibility for their actions.  The ultimate goal is get their life back on track emotionally as well as academically. This is done by providing a therapeutic environment that is conducive to academic excellence and positive heart change.

The best boarding schools for troubled youth and adolescents in Northern, CA provide integrated therapy, academic support (grade repair, credit recovery), family counseling, and social/life skills development. 

There are co-ed schools, all boys, and all girls, serving pre-teens (8 to 12) and adolescents (12 to 18).  The majority of boarding schools for struggling teens are located in the State of Utah.  Utah is one of the last "parent's rights States", and therefore the laws allow students to be placed into therapeutic programs without the child's consent.

Northern, CA Area Resources for Parents of Troubled Youth

: NorCal MHA serves individuals and families with mental health difficulties, to improve wellness and rehabilitation, prevention, and preferred access to services and assistance. They are devoted to enriching the lives of citizens through the diverse communities of Northern California. This is accomplished through education, advocacy, research, and culturally relevant settings.

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Our commitment, aspiration, and ambition is to give guidance to parents in Northern, CA with a adolescent or young adult who may be depressed; and coping with clinical depression, substance use (including marijuana) issues, and/or kleptomania. As a choice mental and behavioral health directory website, Therapy Insider’s consultants are dedicated to counseling parents from Northern, CA who are wanting the most suitable therapeutic facilities, resources, and trained therapists available; providing hope and healing transformation for struggling teenagers and for young adults.

All of our therapists and consultants have encountered the catastrophe of a at-risk adolescent or young adult child, and they needed help as well. Like all parents, we love our child too... and the good news is, there is a joyful closure waiting for Northern, CA families and parents undergoing the pressure of a struggling teenager or young adult; and it’s our privilege to give back! Therapy Insider is a distinguished family advocacy and consulting organization, dedicated to counseling parents of at-risk adolescents and young men and women from Northern, CA with determining the most suitable treatment program for struggling teenagers and for young adults. Our choice consultants are standing by to provide help to parents wanting therapeutic supervision for their adolescent or young adult child; Call Therapy Insider at today!